Hunger games first 24

Hunger games first 24

"Just a normal day in class like any other, when suddenly.." edition

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Richard Rawlings

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file name for the big milkers
the blue eyed chick is Elizabeth from bioshock infinite

Josef mengele

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Papa Emeritus III

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Orange Hat

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Pepe Argento

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Climate Goblin

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Emilia Clarke

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Smarto the Cato

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Ms. Kate the English teacher

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Jeffery Dorner

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Ms.Smith the School's Principal

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Jon Snow(books)

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That makes it 24 do your thing OP


܂Goodluck Megumi

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jus name this one pc wojack


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"incorrect" is not a trib

Time to start.

My script skips tributes without names.

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you must have missed one brah


Welcome to highschool America.

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Time to get some kills!

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Good luck

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Lethal chemicals are important for... medicine... things...

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A quiet day for most, until Orange hat finds something that was better left lost.

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You are dead.,

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come on smarto

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Saori killed the freaking cat

Jon nearly bite the big one as the principle catches him without a hall pass

Meanwhile tsunade takes out her issues on the hellcat.

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>"Just a normal day in class like any other, when suddenly.."
... I'm late as usual.

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Pepe declares no anime as his fire extinguisher extinguishes a life.

Ms. Kate is wont be looking too good after Emelia gets done with her

nice try Aki, but this cat has protection

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So, a casual tuesday you said?

That's what I call a strategy

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Violence, shootings and torture all around but there is one force that all must obey.. The parents arrive!

Spares you from dying day one atleast :p

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Welcome to die.

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RIP us

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>jon snow(books) parents didn't appear at the school

You can't make this shit up ahahahha

Yes discovers his true calling in life is domestic terrorism.

Not a smart move cat. That man will make you regret it.

Tsunade is having a hard time.

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That Cato is not that smarto

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Based Ms.Smith

don't talk about smarto like that, he is just a kind soul

With Yes's success at improvised bombs it seems a few other have taken to the Al queda special for thier killing needs, Even though Yes has switched to more conventional methods.

Great shot papa, that was 1 in a million

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vamo pepe argento argentina papa


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Looks like everyone decided to skip lunch after they found out what Papa Emeritus was cooking..

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Sad end.

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kind souls are easy one to deceive

>2 deads
>1 shoot
Fantastic, who's next?

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Why is papa Emeritus so OP? please nerf

You would say, it's divine intervention

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The cat may be a nice soul, but even she has her limits.

Jon, things are looking grim but atleast you're still ali- nevermind, moving on.

He's being propelled by some force I can't understand.

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i always luagh when i see this guy. king of cringe

Smarto is a man i sayyyyy

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The suicide epidemic is getting out of hand.

Oops. Sorry, I'll remember for next time.

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Lets talk about acts of god.

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It's fine, I enjoyed the game. Anyway, I'm out!

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We have reached the conclusion of our fight for survival. Only one person will survive the impending doom. But something is approaching, something dangerous and fearsome. place your bets as the last of our shooters meet their end.

>Pepe Argento
>Smarto the Cato

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If I wasn't on my tablet I would've been more active


Where's the lain poster and kamen poster?

Pepe did good the whole game, he has my blessing

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Kamen killed himself no idea about lain

Smarto will win

>lain poster
probably sleeping
>kamen poster
probably busy with irl stuff

Where's spanks and aria poster?

And in the end.. the parents decided they had enough and grounded all the remaining unruly children.

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With everyone else out of the way..

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i can't believe Yes won, but well played i guess

We have a winner!

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Grats yes thanks mado

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Kill count

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Thanks for hosting

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Nicee one...Elon.

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I didn't play at all, but thanks for hosting.

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Thanks for hosting

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F Pepe...

Good game, thanks for the entertainment

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Thanks for playing everyone. Going to take a break for a little while. See you all some time in the future.

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>sin titulo
*gasp in spanish*
That's one, but what about the other?