Post dem secrets

Post dem secrets

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Every time I visit my best friend, I use his wifes panties to masturbate

I had an abortion last month. Nobody knows. No friends. No family. Not even my bf.

Valve insider here

HL3 is never coming, it's been permanently canned.

Source: dude t r u s t m e

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why though

Everything hurts.

Because I didn’t want a baby. And I didn’t want anybody to know I got pregnant.

Been fucking my step sister for years now.

Ive masturbated in the panties of every girl I know

28, physician assistant 110k

Fuck. Time to get out of bed and do some laundry. Just in case.

How does your Mom like that?

Found out a female friend stole my boxers to masturbate with

She never knew.

Leave them dirty. Just in case.

Nope. Can’t sleep now.

Tits? Panties?


Spoil sport

My sister and I play wingman for each other a lot. I've heard her get railed multiple times. She just invited me over the other night cause her roommate needed a hookup. She definitely heard me make her roommate moan

Lots of underwear play in this thread haha. I've stolen panties from my roommates, my friend's sister, his wife, and another friend's girlfriend. I've also recorded them in the shower and watch the recordings to masturbate to after every time I meet them. I love how different they all smell. My favorite is my roommate's panties after she works out at the gym.


Married and have two kids, funny because my wife is technically my adopted sister. None of her redneck trash ass relatives were fit enough to take her at the time (and they super hate me since I'm black), so my mom and dad just adopted her when she was 6, after her parents died of illness, since my dad and her dad were airforce buddies. I was 8 at the time. We've done more than just play since middle school. My parents are super cool with us being married now and love their grandkids. Not really a huge secret but I don't tell many people that we're adoptive siblings.

I liked Final Fantasy XIII

What was your first sexual encounter?

So when are you and your sister going to fuck?

Absolutely fucking disgusting you worthless sack of shit!

What's your take on Woody Allen?

Both. ALL my underwear is in the washer. Just got a feeling.

No pics. I’m an attention whore. Just not here.

Of the panties or the win?

>Be in HS.
>Meet an amazing girl, but she's not allowed to date till she graduates college.
"She's in shape but not overly thin, confident, bubbly, and kind.
>We are super compatible, and even though she's beautiful, nothing ever happens.
> She's not the hottest woman ever, but she's the only one for me.
>She moves to another HS.
>Years pass and we both graduate college.
>During college, I often think of her and use her as a litmus test of what I want in a woman.
>Rarely drink (I hate the taste of beer) and don’t go to many parties/date as a result.
>We later reconnect and get married shortly after grad.
>She's great, entrepreneurial and self-motivated.
>Our feelings are intense. Sex is great.
>"I thought marriage sucked?"
>I start asking her questions and digging one day that we were both bored.
>Find out that she had slept with two men before me during her college years.
>Part of me finds it arousing, and part of me is livid.
>I was a college virgin.
>It is poisoning me on the inside to know this information.
>I am mentally ruining our marriage.

Not sure I'd fuck her. We have joked before that if we fail as wingman some night we could help each other out physically. The teasing is hot but idk if I could bring myself to fuck her. Not sure if she would either

I mean post them

Panties but really either works

If she’s joked about it, she’ll do it.

Two guys is nothing, man. I don't really know how to advise you to proceed but it's not a big deal.

When I told my wife I wear panties she said it was cool as long as I never wear hers. I now own no male underwear and sometimes she buys me some.

Cool your tits. I’m not going anywhere tonight.

Why do you think that

Yeah maybe you should watch some porn with her and see what happens.

I’ve been there.

Well, I had about a thousand pics of my panties but for some reason I just decided to delete them all. I can take a pic of my washer now but all you’ll see is suds.

>Be out of shape with a love tire.
>One-i-tis has made her IG account private. I suspect she's seeing someone.
>Be horny and on Grindr.
>Start talking to a guy my age who lives 10 minutes away.
>Claims nobody has to know.
>Says he'll blow me.
>I hesitate.
>Says we can start with only JO and see how I comfortable I am.
>I find myself taking an uber to his place and the driver starts making convo and my mind is elsewhere.
>Can't turn back now.
>I get to the place, he's waiting for me outside. He looks at me through the cab window.
>"Fuck, he knows how I look like. No turning back now."
>We make small talk, but dude looks disappointed.
>I go inside his house and it's a beat up little shack on the outside but decent on the inside. It literally has a small kitchen, a miniscule living room facing the bedroom, and bedroom.
>I make more conversation to alleviate my tension, but he's quiet
>Leads me directly into the bedroom.
>My heart drops to my stomach because I anticipated more buffer and I crack a joke.
>He immediately undresses and I am now literally in a bedroom with a naked guy next to me.
>His dick isn't nice looking, and ass is saggy.
>I follow suit but only leave my underwear on.
>Being semi-naked in front of him feels natural.
>He was about 6 inches and starts beating off, does a dose of poppers to relax.
>He finishes and wipes himself with a kleenex next to his bed.
>Gets up from the bed and slides my briefs down my legs.
>I start beating off and love the vibe. I lay down and ask him to blow me.
>He declines, says that he doesn't want me to regret it. That we can try next time.
>My insecurities think it's because he didn't find my body attractive.
>I continue jacking off and finish under 90 seconds.
>I walk around his bedroom to clean myself up and can feel his gaze follow me.
>He starts looking at his phone, uninterested at my small talk.
>I call an Uber and leave.
>I continue my day in uni and feel numb as my friends try and make conversation.

So focus in small numbers rather than the act of intimacy?

Would you be grossed out if a guy came in your panties?

Man get in better shape, forget the girl, and know that if you want to fuck someone from grindr you can find someone who will send you nudes first.

I share my wife and love it. Sluts are made to recieve more than one dick at a time
Pic related

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I did send her porn once cause it looked like someone we know. Said she enjoyed it

Okay, just your face then

I mean I dunno. I think it's not like she lived a crazy sex life with orgies that you can't match, and she likes fucking you. She also loves you and you love her. So what does it matter?

watch it together, dumbass

We know.

My gf loves getting plastered with cum and it's actually made her skin really good on her face. She confided in her best friend that's how her skin is so nice and now I give facials to her best friend about once a week

I agree. I want to share my gf and get her gangbanged. She'd love it but I can tell she's nervous about it.

You post this in every secret thread, Larpimus Rex.

Maybe I should start cumming on my own face...

Yep. user knows.

I'm working towards it. Maybe I'll text her and tell her there's one I want her to see tonight. Any recommendations?

I act like I hate kpop around everyone, yet I secretly like a kpop idol. ironic isn't it?

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Why don’t you go eff your own face.

My penis isn't tiny but a little below average due to damage sustained in a car wreck when I was young. It never gets fully hard and has a small base. Feels bad, don't talk to girls because of it, despite being a fairly attractive, nice, educated, relatively successful person.

I'll post mine if you post yours. Face or tits

It sucks. But not for the reasons you think. Your balls fall into your body cavity and it hurts bad when you cum.

I jerk off to my wife's little sister constantly.

Perhaps try to find a girl into pegging!

Yeah, I'm doing crazy cardio 3-4 days a week, but results are slow. Only my face has slimmed down a bit.

eh, idk if I want to fuck someone off of Grindr. I just need the easy BJ.

It can help. My gfs friend definitely has clearer skin. And she strokes better than my gf so we both win

Post a pic so we can all get a good laugh.

Lol nah

Small penis, and I guess i just hate that she was able to move on with her life in my absence.

Something I was not skilled enough to do.

Fucked my wires lil sis.

I post my own face in trib threads

not really, you know better what she likes

You think it's slow but consider that if you lose a pound every 1-2 weeks, even though it's only a few pounds a month it's 26-52 pounds in a year, which is probably more than you need to lose.

BJ/fuck whatever that's semantics. Also if you improve your appearance you can get blown by trannies instead of dudes.

Do it brother. If you are both down it ia worth it.

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Are you the user that said they've been there before?

It's about 6 inches and is average thickness around glands but about 2/3 size at base, so it would be an okay dick, it just looks weird and I can tell it doesn't fill ladies up very well. But no faggot. Only my doctor gets to see my dick during my yearly physical.

I posted this earlier today but after high school I was a TA for a 6th grade class and one time only I let one of the girls suck me off but years later I find out that she my wife's best friend idk if she ever told her.

That's a regular dick man don't worry about it

Retarded girls get better dick than me.

can I have a picture of your washer?

I want to. We are taking a trip in the spring so I hope to convince her to try it when we're out of town!

i did the same for year but she got fat

Use Grindr

I need to slim down 45, but thanks for the encouragement.

idk I find the idea of an older man getting me off to be hot than a tranny.

no, not him. i'm not talking from experience or anything

I'd love to fuck her with you watching.

Damn ok. Like I said not sure I would actually fuck her but I do want to see her pussy

I can fix that. And my wife will clean up afterward

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I almost did. Then I remembered at the last second how FUCKING dumb I’d have to be.

Whatever works for you my friend

You want me to fuck you and then have your wife clean up your spermy ass? That actually sounds kind of hot.

Seriously. I will. With timestamp

As long as you dont mind shoving both our dicks in her and you live in Minnesota

in the end she's a woman, if she already has the ideas as she seems she has... you can just explore the posibility

>what is plausible deniability

How about you ask me 50 more times? Maybe I’ll say yes.

I bet she wants to see your dick too!

I'm not sure she has though

Okay. Will you? They could be anyone's tits, how would we know?

How can I find out?

Just put on some porn when you're both drunk together after striking out one night.