Rate / assumptions thread

Rate / assumptions thread

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magician at kids parties


negative, ghost rider



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nice tripz
but u look like a virgin

Experimenting with hydros soon to be oxys, then heroin.

shave that sack tickler off and get a hair cut hippy

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Quite the contrary. Been with over 20 girls, no shit.


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Uh dun wahn it

virgin for sure

oral fixation

like one of those ballistic dummies that I want to punch around.
short manlet, put some work in and gain some muscle

A virgin tank

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An aspiring hero

you frequently get pissed off because your obese mother won't let you use her van to drive to your dishwashing job at chipotle

Looks like white Ludacris, nice trips though.

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U seem like a big deal, very hard working
U 2, and str8

fucking ugly, lazy, no girlfriend

Were not

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Pretty sure black brown n panda gooby wear adult diaper like a weeyeerdo

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I can see into your soul. you have potential and I'm sure you'll figure it out as you go along. Although young you have fierce determination.

Well thank you. I like to think that.

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We just had this thread, but i'll post anyway

i don't like the beard but I think long hair is really cool on guys
i think you'd be hotter if you had a shirt on

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You can be a gooby, or a madd dogg, tha choice is yours you have your commandments from God, you can choose to obey or disobey

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A ching chong

Harry Potter

nut on me

when did hobo become fashion? I can picture you in an alley keeping warm by a barrel that's on fire with your fingerless gloves.

A lone courier

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What do you look like without glasses?
I wear fingerless gloves with the tie so that people are confused as to whether I wander into the building off the street or not

soowoo what up blood?

I use to be so cute, but I didnt go to heaven now i'm ugly for going to hell

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I assume you're from Britain for some reason

i'm an americunt

It’s ya boy suspiciously young lookin but average lookin as fuck

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There was a time when thay didnt put poop in dirt dirt to grow food in poop and pee on plants to water them, want one more there was a time when I didnt appear like a feral ghoul from fallout wearing pmp clothes

Zachary Fradette???


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get a haircut and loose weight

I seen fugayop porn on Instagram

He said his cock start to twicht and he goes gay for a fagget ass nigga thay pooped in his mouf and sharted he ate tha poop and sucked tha gay cock now tha gay parody of tha jexwop hip hop is on jexwtube

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A big fuck

Sometimes I dream of cheese

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wet behind the ears


Imagine I came up to guys you in that alley like this wearing a bandana on my face what wood you do

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Maybe ask if you have weed

so how ya r doin, old farts?

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Just don't run off wet tha pack lil nigga i'm so deadly, this kush is heavy you will get over encumbered and your movement speed will be reduced

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lacking in life experience. There's a whole lot of crazy shit that's going to happen to you. Lots of pain, tears and times where you're going to feel like giving up. build your character by getting up after life has knocked you down and giving it swift kick back in it's ass.

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Weed makes you faster
Just have to mix some coke in it

Being a bad bible boy for my baby n going to get her

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Fuck you
I'm too high to think about life

I'll pull out a knife and tell you this is our sleeping spot for the night. If you keep fucking around, I'll stab you up.

Nah not true bwoy, weed makes you slow as fuck that's why niggas get shot dayly over sum thang thay say

Nice try Chris

as for assumptions one word: heroin

its the only life you have. have fun. do what you want.

This thread needs more assuming and more people posting their face

They get shot because you can't go faster than a bullet
And most get shot with really big ones

Your terrorizer flees in search of a lower level npc

I assume you have a pot to piss in and a bag to shet in

Post your face on it!

Tried heroin once, threw up, never tried it again.

I seem like bae

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i did, dude

If you were to walk down the street you might get profiled and pulled over because you "look like a junkie" or a "drug dealer" because of your long hair. (I do and my hair is longer than yours.)

Was that heiron whight heiron or not
Because I just keep on sellang heiron, that pearly whight herron, that pay tha bills herron

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I can be ur angle

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or you're divol

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double chin
pedo stache
shave that shit off and quit eating like a hippo fatty

U know how to have a good time

Was not expecting genuine compliment thanks user

why are you grimacing at us? Lighten up
you look better with shorter hair. stay profreshional

I agree, that pic is me after getting my shit together and getting a job

Fuck off bicht I got muscles on my muscles my arms are as big as my skull kid you will never win THA duel i'm to saucy, live in tha snow always gotta beard and polar bear a crystal clear Coca Cola a pint of lean no karo here and she thinks im cuter than you anyways

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Ah what the fuck. I’m sure this will be a positive experience.

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you work as a hotel clerk by day but you're a serial killer by night. you dissolve the bodies of hookers in your bathtub and flush them down the drain

You got nice looking eyes no homo

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10/10 bro no homo

You have a 10/10 girlfriend but you love your dogs more

you try to hide your receding hairline with your hat

your face is too soft to be having a pitbull and wearing wife beaters

My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old.

I want someone who looks like you to rape my waifu in hentai

Just a widows peak.

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Because I want to go to heaven but I can't and my cock is fucking smol i'm el gato tha iciest human glacial sculpture el pero

I want to put my hand up your ass and control your face like one of these

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>Was that heiron whight heiron or not
It was brownish

Your getting heavy

thank you, yes homo
like your hair but you need to lose a few and enter husky territory

I knew you had a 10/10 gf

I wouldn't mind raping anime bitches

Tf is those things

You think I’m getting fat? Incorrect. Still a tall skinny fuck.

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