Get me laid b

Get me laid b

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Compliment their ass holes

>Man bun

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Ask her 'what are we getting exactly?'

Stop projecting and pull the trigger already weeb

"there's other things that I like"

Ask her about her day

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You blew it

Do this

Say "wanna see my man hole" next

"I'll show you more of my bun if you show me yours"

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me you tomorrow night my house

dubs ftw

Well fuck mate that didnt go as planned

Suggest a place to go, but say it in a way like "we're going here aite?"

Say "I have special eyes. They see many things ;)"

I suggested the first bit and I agree with this guy

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Holy cringe

Say did you fall from heaven? Cuz I eat ass

Oh god, don't

"Just wait til you see my 'brown eye'"

fucking kys yourself

Wish I could say the same about yours.

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then... coffee tomorrow?

You have a man bun. You're not getting laid.

shit I thought your username was Anals

Let’s fucking go b these women are waiting

ever try talking with a dick in your mouth?

Hey straight up wanna help contribute to suicide prevention and help me get laid?

how can you see that without opening your eyes?

"I just completed my degree in Marine Biology and have a keen interest in examining your blowhole."

I eat ass whatsup
You have like ten suggestions
Use em nigger

Do you think I could bum a cigarette

REROLL to save this shit

Post her full pic

Baha, you're energy? Man girls can be so full of shit. She got that from "I like your face" fuck.

"Want to know what else I like?"


they're not their you dumb roastie

i'd rather your scumbag ass drink a gallon of bleach

>Man girls can be so full of shit.
OPEE is full of shit yo

>off by 1
sorry I tried to pull you out of the dive OP

>man bun

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Gabriella, the way that I'll gel ya...

you have a man bun and a face tattoo?

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Say "less talk, more action, I got years to make up for lady."


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haha this

Not bad.

That's a man

Lol i love how youre hating on the bun, when he actually got a compliment.

No now fuck you and your Bun

I'm on Sup Forums right now trying to get them to figure out how to get you to fuck me. Send to all three and then link them here.

ask her our for a sushi bar

not a man just butt ugly and probably has some mental health issues

that's a dude

Not really. I'm not certain what it is but I can assure you that it is hideous.

okay I think OP is posting the greatest bait of all time with this girl, the man bun and the face tattoo shit

Good job, OP, you got me at first

Taste my tater gravy and I'll suck your tendies


Lol the bun is not for you to like faggit

Why not change your approach? Instead of saying "I like your face" Say something "unintentionally" sexual. Fake an autocorrect.

Shit just got interesting

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WINRAR, nice dubs!

Your moth looks like a prolapsed anus, lay off the collagen.

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Ask it for a pic where it's not making its mouth look like a butthole. Also post full pic of all of them


How did it get interesting?
You are just some fag being a fag

For the love of god cringe OP don't do this.

Fucking terrible

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OP is would not be a fag if he delivered that verbatim to one of these bitches

A lack of ability in your part doesn't mean a lack of ability in his.

Y’all motherfuckers need to catch the fuck up

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you're a fucking legend OP

follow up with
>oh wait, do chinese eat fried chicken tendies? so sorry if I've offended
before she responds

Good lord OP... Well that's one life wasted.


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well as a hole in the ground

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I'm on Sup Forums right now trying to get them to figure out how to get you to fuck me. Send to all three and then link them here.

full pic pls

December is treating me very well now that it has gifted me the pleasure of meeting you ;)


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you stole MY fucking opening line
maybe you can't get laid because you're so autistic any social
interactions you have are knock offs.

Perhaps having a regular conversation once in a while
would do you some good.


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pic related


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white guy. man bun. named waleed.

Im hating you more and more OP.

We should do something really crazy then...let's fuckin bone