Hi user

Hi user,
my neighbor is a noisy bitch who is in her first year of business school. She and her bf are listening to loud music all night. When I call the police they turn it off but as soon as cops are gone those motherfuckers turn it on again. I am in a PhD program and live in a townhouse provided by my school. What would you do to turn her off cause she is bitching about the police knocking to her door to my department chair? I'm not interested in murdering her, etc.

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Give us her address and apt number so we can swat her

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I know you can. How about without my personal army?

Do the same thing back

Then in that case, blast loud music back, fight fire with fire

Find a way to trip or turn off their main circuit breaker or otherwise interrupt their power. There may be a bull switch on the outside of their house where power enters the structure.

It is there but they will come to me the first thing I assume since nobody else would do it.

I don't like loud music ie it will make me suffer too. I don't wanna suffer. I'm looking for ways to screw her employment opportunities, breaking her up with her boyfriend, her mother choking to death, etc.

So what? If they have no proof that you did anything, what can they do? At some point, you have to stop being a pussy.

I'm not scared of them lol I'm 6 feet tall white dude with a prior military service. I don't wanna leave any traces.

>they will come to me the first thing

Seems like you're worried about something, user. You asked for solutions, so stop acting like you're afraid to do anything. I mean, you could just send them a gift basket and a nice card instead, if that's more your speed.

get some bright ass lights and shine it at their house constantly. no law against having light to prevent burglars or to help with your late night "art sessions"

Well, I asked them nicely twice. And on the third time I called to campus and then local police. I'm looking for a way for them to suffer not for me to be worried about any pieces of evidence leading to me. Ie if the US would allow me to get away with a murder I would do it but since they might get me for murdering that bitch...I'm looking for another way to make them suffer.

Good one. Thanks user. Exactly what I was looking for. I was thinking about shitting on their porch too.

I also thought of that, but user is afraid of drawing attention to himself. He could just hire some hard, pipe hittin' niggas to go to work on them with a blow torch and a pair of pliers.

Play the barney song really loud all night and wear some earmuffs.

My neighbors are from DC originally and in their mid 20s ie they are not afraid of niggas and jerks by themselves. I was thinking about installing fake cameras on my porch and direct them to neighbors porch. Would it be legal?

>shitting on their porch
>worried about any pieces of evidence leading to me
>evidence leading to me


They are not gonna test my shit for DNA evidence leading to me right?

>installing fake cameras

Why would they give a shit?

>has been in the military
>doesn’t know the federal govt. has your dna
>doesn’t think literal shit on a porch would be obvious as fuck and collected as evidence of a sexual type crime

Are you rarted?

It's "evidence" that some human being was there and seemingly reactive to the noise. You could just 220 their house power and destroy everything that they have plugged in.

nah nah nah you are wrong
would you?

No, I would not. Not in the least. There are surveillance cameras everywhere.

Retard, why didn’t you fucking think of filming thru your screen when she’s playing her music, call the popo, keep filming and catch them in the act of turning it off and having the police go up to their door and do their routine
Then you fucking show them the video before they the popo leaves

Fuck i’m high as shit
Not thru your screen but thru your window and i fucked up at the end

Start complaining to their landlord. I assume they signed an agreement whereby they agreed to not make noise especially at night.