Keep it going b

Keep it going b

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Honor dubs for Imani from last thread


I meant *jews. FUCK!


Roll for this


Jizz duh I corrected you ;)

How about both?

first one the then other


Dubs from previous thread

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You stupid idiot that dubs was for Imani. Correct it now. Tell her wrong person.

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jews, you dumb nigger

jizz, but of course i'm hoping you'll slice my ballsack open with a straight razor

Let's cut to the chase. Will you drink a martini glass of my cum?

OP you are a fag - shoulda gone with jews answer.

Either way, We can make a series of complicated noises to soothe the soul.

Can I fuck it?

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I love you two

I wanna put my fingies in your nose, babe "I know what I'd like to get..." 22 win might have got us somewhere

Waleed is my nigger name, what's yours?


y-you t-t-too

Jizz, cum, sperms, creamy pudding, banana splats, gurt splurt

Can’t even see this bitch’s face

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say: I love you

22 and now 3344...nice


Can we fuck now? Did I do good? Mom, close the door, I'm talking to a girl! Oh shit, did I type that?

Shuddup baby I know it.


Jesus fucking Christ. Wtf is wrong with you

I like your name too but you're missing my "grande" let's fix that. ;)

Can I fuck your face?

have you met my friend peter?

I’m so proud OP. Great deliveries

Come on b these bitches are horny as fuck

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Would you like to sit on it?


and you'd love my big nigger cock

I fucking hate basic ass bitch stacie.

Even if you look like a male model you still have to work for their number and pay for their food. Bullshit.

i got syrup in my hair

You could get a date with her if you stopped fucking around.

Hey I like your face.

post your profile pic. these bitches are SO THIRSTY for a tuesday night, damn.

Do this guys thing.

Meet me at McDonald's and we can fuck behind the dumpster

What's the rest look like?

You wanna come over? I don't have any chairs, but you can sit on my face.

Are yourself retarded?

Fish are really bitin tonight b

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You sound like my mom. That makes me stiff in my trousers.

you must do this OP

perfect, wanna fuck?

If that pussy looks even half as good I'm in for a real treat

I’d like to wear yours.

Roll ; Lets go eat hardys and you can let me tongue the fartie

You should come get a closer look sometime...

Speaking of faces, can I sow your vulva shut?

opportunity missed: Jazz or jizz?


You fucking faggot

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Rollllllllll for this. Opie needs to get laid

Is that your hair or a fez?

Look at this bitch coming out of the woodwork

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Fuck you

Anyways, cut the shit. The name is Waleed, like Waluigi but Waleed, and I'll be taking you for drinks tomorrow night. Understood?

Win, do it faggot

Top kek Omfg my sides

Im just a fat fucking coomer fam.

im 100% NIGGA


you can't ignore this.

She sees b

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Roll. Dubs get


Can you please give them the link to this thread at least so they can see they're being roasted


Its over its done pack it up, go home, time to suck my own dick, I've always been a man of action anyways.

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Definitely link thread to this bitch since se can see

fuck man you got the dreaded 'i see'

maybe go with 'you wanna see?'

I'm a New Yorker what's it to you broad?

nig nog tryna get a hand beezy

Now is time for "I know what I'd like to get..."

Fucking moron less discussy more succy was for Imani not her


it must be honored, by law of the Sup Forums gods.

You're supposed to send it to Imani, you nigger faggot

do you like big dicks as much as I do?


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I can genuinely see this working

Ay baby, lemmie slap dem daricakes

You glorious bastard WINRAR

I sent it to both bitch