Alcoholics of Sup Forums

Alcoholics of Sup Forums
what are some fun drunken activities?

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If you're truly an alcoholic then nothing is fun anymore


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eat a large bowl of beef stew
drink two bottles of apple schnapps

go to sleep lying on your back

Beat wife and kids. That's my go to.

learn the rubiks cube. work your way up to 17x17x17

trying to run around a high school track in the dead of night without breaking your shit
also, not entirely boozey but passing fourteen joints around a bonfire while sipping a rum and coke is extremely fulfilling

This, we don't drink to have fun anymore, we drink to cope and to feel anything at all. We drank the fun out of the bottle years ago.

Source: functioning alcoholic.

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I like to think about killing myself

Browsing Sup Forums, then trying to jerk off but giving up because you’re too drunk to finish.

Ok i should mention that tomorrow is my friends birthday and we're gonna consume a lot of alcohol

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Mario Party

Monopoly was kinda fun with my friends and I

Snake eyes, going to jail, or property/income taxes resulted in a shot, shots could stack (rolling snakeyes then going to jail)

gets you fucked quick if you're shitty at monopoly like me


Was a beast at monopoly but i suck dick at starcraft

sitting on the couch in the dark

getting the fear


also these are some really shitty ideas
that or im not a genuine alcoholic

Yeah as an alcoholic there has been an annihilation of everything worthwhile but I would say drunken long walks where my go to

drinking and still being smarter than most people.

Russian Roulette

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The first one is the only decent answer in this thread

All the hurr durr alcoholism means nothing is fun anymore are probably 12. Yeah its different, not exactly getting drunk to have fun but you should have some nice memories of dumbass drunken shit youve enjoyed. I always liked listening to old ass music I used to like while also watching a movie AND a podcast. I would be pacing around jamming, see some crazy shit happening on the tv, then start pacing thinking about the podcast (most likely responding as if I was there). Shit answer but something I've spent a lot of time doing and genuinely enjoyed when the going gets deep

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