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sex feels good

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Cub thread?
>Cub thread
Cub thread!

good taste

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Why not both?

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stay away from kids... far away. Creeeepy.

coming from a zoo. Dont go near kids.

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Stay away from both you fucking freak

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wat dude

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he said you should stop fucking your dogs, Dash

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Ya yes off to a good start, just like the last few days both dumbass are here

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I'm not dash. Is he a dogfucker too? Good head on his shoulders.

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The sheer irony. Furrs getting mad about fapping to animals... lmao. Contradiction amirite u guise?

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Fur video coming soon


All furries are way into it.

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I wonder how many feral fans Jenna spawned

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Fuck this shit I'm not in the mood today fuck you all for even humoring this shit. I hope the shitposters come

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Georgette got me but this babe from all dogs go to heaven was a close second. Sasha also.

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no, stay

we'll find some sexy penguins for ya

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Sasha was my first feral. The second movie wasn't even trying to hide her sex appeal.


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go on...

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+1 for lesbian feral. Any more of that? PC was nuked recently.

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I love you bella!
Hit me up

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There's no modern sexy ferals in modern movies are there?

They should just make animated adult movies at this point. Not even sexual, but with adult themes like used to be aimed at kids.

An animated movie would never happen with gambling, murder, theft, drug use, and betrayal like in a lot of the old 90s Disney movies.

Everything has gotten so.... fucking autistic recently. Modern art and movies suck honestly.

Minions? Up? Star Wars repeats upon repeats? Really?

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Critically acclaimed autism these days. Just make a new subgenre for adult animated movies. Like Plague Dogs. Darker more realistic themes.

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I think they're flat out on guard for ferals not looking too sexy. Peredita is less sexy on the cover of the current 101 Dalmatians DVD/Blu-Ray release than she is on the one that came out a few years ago.

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No toddler shot in the head or flashbanged. No dogs killed. Not realistic enough.

Looks fine to me actually. I don't think they're paying close attention to it, but like I said movies are aimed towards autistic kids these days. Dumbing down more and more. Even adult movies are being dumbed down. Have you noticed that?

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An animated movie or series involving animated ferals would make for good entertainment. Stuff like Plague Dogs, Felidae, or Watership Down.

But, since I'm being selfish here, let's have one female cat or dog who's just straight up sexy. And let's get a bit intimate. Not for the perverts, of course, but just to show that it's a *mature* show.

/blatant lies from a feral pervert

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is that an admission of guilt?

The recent DVD/Blu-Ray cover makes Perdita look like she did in the 90s cartoon series. The one I own gives her blue eyeliner and some sexy lashes. Like they know she's legit.

I'm assuming the film itself is unchanged, but the cover presents a very different view of what she looks like.

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It's Dash.

If he's to be believed, he regularly initiates sex with his canines.

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Can't find that online. Interesting...

I like the idea. Too bad none of us are millionaires. At least we get the ultimate comfort in this world. Too bad they don't live that long. It's like a cheat code to life, especially relationships. As we watch normie wagecucks burn down all around us. 50% paychecks gone for life. Ouch!

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you're high, aren't you?

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Damn he finally saw the light. Better keep it a secret or normies will try to kill them like fucking psychopaths.

yea dude and my balls are D R A I N E D af

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Too bad big cats aren't domesticated in our lifetime.

Not that I would ever go for one personally. I'm way in love with fire hot bitches. I feel bad for cat ferals.

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it's just fantasy

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I dunno dude, fantasy is boring.

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Find me a bitch, a lioness, or a mare who can speak and has an IQ of 100 and I'll make it more than fantasy.

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And junebug checking in sfur as well

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Fair enough if that's what you want. I just love hanging out with my bitches. They are hilarious and very comforting. I love watching TV with them.

Too bad normies would want to kill them if they ever found out. It's really bizarre. Has to be a secret of course.

Good luck finding a fursuiting GF or whatever you're looking for.

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