Tell us small truths

tell us small truths
example: many cats are evil

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Andy Sixx Log of Shit sliddes in my throte daily.

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traps aren't gay

Most snakes will bite you
OP is almost always a faggot

Life is the prison you fear you'll see when you die

i dont even

Most people are sad

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Women are not capable of love, it's just their nature, sorry boys

When you're dying, the person you became will meet the person you could have become

i uhhhhh maybe? depends on the country id suppose

this dont make no sense

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life is a nightmare
death is a dream.


have a little empathy sir

Sup Forums is an ocean of piss


many long haul truckers use a piss jug

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your moms face is an ocean of piss


smol truth

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this is now a piss thread

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Dude hold on just wait a moment what the fuck?

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Jews control the media

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the fuck, user? piss thread.

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Glide on x64 is possible. The flaw was on Haswell Intel processors.

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For those with Haswell Intel processors to use Glide have the CPU cache to 100 MHz less than the stock clock speed.

1. size is everything for a woman.
2. all women lie about 1.
3. if you lose weight your dick comes out of hiding.
4. go back to 1, and understand it fully.

3dfx Glide on x64 possible as those with Haswell Intel processors change CPU cache to 100 MHz less than stock clock speed.

Guys can you stop posting now? I kind of want this thread to die

This is the only thread on Sup Forums that will never die

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So the afterlife is more pleasant than life?

it's just more life all the way down

life is the prison you've built yourself.

and you're your own jailor.