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cute and wholesome

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peek cute

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verily verily
pic cute

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peak cute

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pique cute

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pick cute

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i pick you

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im already picked.. :/

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that's fine, i didn't really mean anything of it

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Pick me

i pick you

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nice old lady

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Actually I lied; I like pizza.

calm down little cute

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Thank you hakase

cute spin
thanks, she's in high school
nice scarf for two

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cute chair
froggy isnt it late
:o what kind

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pizza pizza

never too late to get educated.
thanks they are meant to be shared :)
why is she thinking of a fetus?
yes >.>

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hot and ready
sleep :)

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cute phone
good bye for now
hear hear
too bad i can't share any
she's contemplating her existence
good bye

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me neither for now v.v
i see.

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you need it
race cars tomorrow
stay safe friend

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tomorrow bad u.u

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will be worse if dont sleep

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; - ;

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i think ill sleep now

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Get some rest

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Where's the Konata guy at I need my nightly Konataroll

Pretty late buddy

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Lol how are you always here

Do you guys have some secret discord you hangout on or what

Im not always here
During these hours i lurk a little bit before going to sleep
Also cool dubs

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Lol same tbh now I always look for this thread purely so I can get some of them sweet sweet konatas

I come to Sup Forums for 3 things actually:
Rekt threads
Loli threads


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Cute... I think

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How is your konata folder so big tho honestly when did you start that shit

But possibly lewd

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One of those things is not like the others

It isnt soo big
I stopped downloading more files because im lazy
I started ummm, i dont know, when i start posting here

Lewd and gore

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Goodnight for real this time

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I love rekt threads. They keep me grounded in reality. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that at any moment someone can randomly jump out and start stabbing you. Gotta stay aware of your surroundings.

Lol alright I'm gonna KO m8 seeya tomorrow

Amazing dubs and good knight

Good knight for you too

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Not good to mix those two together.
Sleep and save your cubes

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what are you guys going to do for christmas, if anything

Whiskey and eggnogg

Taking a week off work to visit family.

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Rolling for combo continuation


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Probably not food to mix with anything
Maybe lolis with non lewdness
But rekt is a big no no

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I do too user. Good taste

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Honestly, not sure, maybe hang out with my dad.
Soulful Index.
Woken up or trying to sleep?

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just woke up.. didn't sleep enough.. again. heh

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Rekt threads can be disturbing. Though their are some funny ones like a goat ramming into people.
I see, I should get some rest soon. I hope you manage.

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i'll be fine i think. also, I didn't know azur lane was getting maintenance today.. :(

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Sad, but it's the end of the event.

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I see :( well, seems i have to go now. nice talking to you. see you

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