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get cancer and die, faggot

I’m immune, fairy ;)


Either smoke a cigarette or a real cigar faggot

1. nobody is immune to cancer
2. if you were actually cool instead of smoking you'd know how to turn that lighter into a flamethrower and how to make the cigs disappear and then come out of your nose, I can do that shit easy, either get cool or get cancer and die

I want a REAL mahn!

>living solutions lighter
Below nigger tier lighter

Ok wannabe wafflez

they make talons in a hard pack now? wut?

Tier is never going to happen pitohead

Idk why but this picture has so much aesthetic to me. Thanks op

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Great shit ma’am

Wrong board ;)

I used to transfer all my talons into old hard packs when I still smoked. Fucking jelly

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They package crack head lighters

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You personifiedingmebro

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do you even inhale talons?

I was one of the first

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you can but they suck to inhale


i tried cheyannes once they sucked. havent tried talons

Drugs are for degenerates, imagine being addicted to nicotine of all drugs lol

Where can I buy those in socal

So is AIR

I live in Indiana so no clue

Corner of bum fuck and you got a perddy mouth?

being poor is rough huh?

ya sure

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