Butthurt is geeeeey

Butthurt is geeeeey.

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no u

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All the butts.

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I'm going to go outside into the woods and fuck my ass for a while, just to see if I like it.


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Take pics.

Gib all of them.

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no u

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Odd request, can you tell me something to do for when i'm out there?

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GOD DAMN those are some nice feet

lick your hand after you're done

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this is turning out to be a fun little server

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Need some drag up in here.

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here's a handy chart

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I need all the butts. Including yours.

Get a nice shot of yourself bent over out there.

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June bug checking in here as well

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faggotshit. also for the guy in last thread that said i looked like him this is what i look like now.

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Kek. I need some lift and thrust, personally... And you can take that any way you want.

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yeah I'll lift your spirits up namsayin

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ded thread is ded.

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no u

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I'm still waiting on the butts owed.

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Anyone here use a corset? Getting one to help reduce my barrel chest flare and hopefully cure it over time.

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I've worn one twice. It's very uncomfortable and in my opinion just not worth it. Plus it's just not very good for your body, mainly your organs.

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Who cares about your organs when you can look hot.

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I've got one as well, and yeah. they're bad on you.

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Well you'll end up in pain all the time so it's really a quality of life thing.

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I'm looking for cuddle pics to send to my boyfriend, anybody got anything?

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I wish this didn't turn me on so much.

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or this.

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What lovely boys

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Bend over for thise fat bois.

Bleeding after surgery

It's normal but annoying

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ok but thats so not a dog though

oh context
yes thats not weird

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ok? Why'd you say that if you don't mind my asking?

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Oral surgery
Jeez Luis

Surgery sucked
Night night spots

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the filename

n-ni ni bun

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Was about to go to bed~
Hai Everyone ;3
Hoi Wem~~

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hi basil! :D
how you doing?

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>How you doing
I'm doing good ^w^ a bit sleepy. waiting on laundry to get done so i can toss it in the dryer
How is chee tonight~?

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yay warm fresh laundry! omg i just remembered i have a laudry load in the dryer for a couple days now D:

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Anyone want some 1920x1080 wallpaper edits?

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yes please!

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