Ok Sup Forums I can't sleep i keep thinking about this videogame I used to play with my dad before he died...

Ok Sup Forums I can't sleep i keep thinking about this videogame I used to play with my dad before he died. I've spent years looking for it and I'm hoping I just keep asking people someone will know what I'm talking about.

I can't remember much except it's low res (16 bit?) And you play as some explorer type. It's 2D with basic controls; walk, jump or shoot. We mightve played it using a Comcast remote. The first level you are in a jungle and there are gorillas and a ladder with a platform. At some point I remember a yellow temple or pyramid.

I know it's vague as hell I'm hoping the first level or it's age (15ish years) is enough to get people guessing.

It's not pitfall

Thankful for any help

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Montezumas revenge

Doesn't start with the jungle level nor does it have gorillas. That's my most vivid memory cus I was bad at the game and spent all my time there

I can't remember my father's face or the sound of his voice. The two still images of this videogame I played in like 2004 are pretty much all I have left. I don't expect to find the game tonight I just feel very alone.

Did your mom remarry? How old is she now?

55 why does it matter and no she hasn't remarried she probably never will

Because I am looking for a wife. She is a bit too old, so passing on anymore about her.

Is it Flash Gordon for the C64

No sorry. I think it was for the Atari or something similar though

You mentioned a Comcast remote. Do you think it's possible it was a media remote for a computer? I really would like to help you find it, just need to know where to look

Are you sure it was an adventurer and not some type of wild man tarzan looking guy. Cause I'm thinking of a game I played like the first level of a looong time ago, and may be difficult to find the name of.

I can't remember what the guy looked like but he did fire some kind of weapon
It's possible I'm wrong about the remote my family doesn't remember what I am talking about

Congo Bongo?

From memory I think the guy used a boomerang. I played it on this weird cheap thing my friend got me when I was like 9 that I can't remember the name of that had a bunch of those old 2D type games on it. There's a possibilty I might still have it so I could look for it

I'm going to sleep but if anyone finds anything message me on Kik @snezz_

>It's not Pitfall


Tom boy?
jungle hunt?

Forgotten games thread?
This got me thinking of that game I played 10 years ago on one of those airliner seatback screens. It was a 2D platformer and had something to do with hunting a wild moose. It was the only decent game installed.

Dr. Livingstone


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