Alright fags last thread

Alright fags last thread

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She thinks your funny! You're in, user!

Shit. I really blew it this time!

(I'm talking about my load which is now pooling in my pants)

Nah fam Im really vibin wit chu right now.
Its all joke an fun

say "but i love you"


down to try a threesome with my trans friend? She is really hot and has a feminine dick which is kinda cute.

go back to pleddit then you whore *why must all of them hate nice guys?*

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But for real send me a pic of your ass
I promise I'm not gonna tape it to my roommates cats ass

I feel like we made a real connection tonight.



Ive eaten so many beans today :/

I accept your apologies.


If you like lolis, you're a pedophile" Oh shit, I like playing GTA V. Does this make me a criminal or that I have tendencies to kill people and police officers? No. Don't apply this logic to anything. It's stupid and quite frankly, I don't see why you're trying to put them down. You're telling them that they are criminals because of an attraction to nonexistent women who look underage. You also can't say they have pedophilia like tendencies, because you don't know them outside of facebook. This is the internet and this is a facebook Hell group. For a lot of us we just use an internet persona based off of an exaggeration of ones personality. I'm no lolicon myself, but I really hate to see misjudgment. I hope this could help most of you guys understand.


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Before we do anything I just want to be clear and know if you're jewish

this a good one

cringe, rolling

Let’s hit her back

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I drink bones

Send me feet pictures


Goddammit! kek

Man is it just me or did all the weirdos come out of all of a sudden

Just talking about my pet donkey!

Want me to make a cum tribute video for you?


down to fuck with me and my sister ?

I wanna fuck you and your mom up the ass at the same time, stack you like lawnchairs. I hope thats okay? would it be weird if i asked you to eat each other out after? i have money.

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You can’t spell penis-c with “pics”.

Roll for this

God damn all the autists came out

you ever had a man take a belt sander to your nipples?

No pics?
Fine. I'll come take them myself. The HARD way ;)

I eat ass you down?

That’s right baby, let’s keep this between you, me and the sheets.

Ask her for feet pictures



do it faggot

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give me your teeth, give me your white pearls papa has horses teeth, i need a fresh set of white rocks

You already tried this lame ass shit in the last thread. Fuck off faggot!

Let me shit on your fingernails


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can you at least send me a pic of your armpit?

I just got out of prison for strangling my exgf nearly to death, wanna hang out?

No you

bump for this

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big kek roll

Damn look at her. You gonna let her talk to you like that b?

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You can go anywhere with a car


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How can you say I'm not good enough for you if you haven't even seen me yet? See, this why I like lolis. They could take my horse load if they needed too. What's your fetish?

still rolling for this

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Would you prefer to see it in person?

what are you thinking? :]]

All I’m looking for in life is a girl that wants to nibble Twix out of my urethra.


No I'm sorry
I'm sorry I ever liked you
I'm sorry I ever talked to you
I'm sorry that I said I pulled out when I didn't

Know your place.

Oh god.

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i once tried to wax my ballsack but it wouldn't come off so for a week straight my ballsack was in some kind of sweaty straightjacket. aight. thank you.

With a car you can go anywhere you want

shameless self rerolls for this

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I guarantee whatever dumb ass shit you've rolled for is lamer, faggot.

Heres your dubs for that


this tho

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Oh my bad. I just thought you apologized because because that was the logical thing to do after you rejected me you ugly fat ass whore. You took my right to put my seed in you, now you'll have to beg for my cum. And be prepared to beg a lot because I ain't forgive easily.

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you really wanna talk to me like that, i would fold you in real life, if we were to ever meet in real life i would clobber you within seconds

You didn’t have to, it’s written all over your vulva.

wait wait, ur really cute tho don't go. i think i'm in love with you


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but you will...tomorrow at evening...see you soon...................

"NIGGERS could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this neighborhood before. There could be NIGGERS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I HATE NIGGERS" he thought. Sweet Dreams are Made of These reverberated his entire car, making it pulsate even as the $9 wine circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of minorities after dark. "With a car, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

might as well post this while i roll

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Well I can guarantee that you are only trying so hard to get OP to send your normie shit because you know that this is the only chance you can say anything to a female you beta cuck.

papas teeth are rotten, i need a fresh set of white pearls please give me your teeth


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>off by one

do it fgt

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Fuck off same fag you will never have dubs

lol and you waste your dubs being a petty bitch, pathetic

shit yourself into a coma retard

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the fucking dweeb who keeps rerolling for himself this is so funny +25 funny points, here ill add you to the funny leaderboards you fucking retard

Fuck man you’re lucky I’m so fucking good looking

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I can get dubs whenever I want, faggot

I did it once
Not like 10 fuckin times
Kys faggot

im sorry I am posting this on a thread on Sup Forums to let people "roll" for responses. You can check on Sup Forums/b/ and you will even see a picture of yourself. Please don't get a restraining order.

[Not rolling]
you know Sup Forums you can learn a lot about how to talk to women on tinder from these threads.

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