Okay so hear me out b

Okay so hear me out b...
Do you think with enough selective breeding we could create a plant that you could fuck like an organic pocket pussy?

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you mean like a banana peel?
fuck off retard

Bro you don’t have a flesh ficus?

Absolutely. We cpuls grow plants that can replace organs so growing a fuckable working pussy isnt outside of possibility. At this point women become obsolete when you can grow your own cunt to fuck

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It's already happening. Go to the Q/D forum if you manage to get an invite.

Plant has to have waifu features

Please just go outside and get a girlfriend

Yeah, your nut is high in protein and nitrogen which is the whole reason carnivorous plants eat flesh in the first place. The hard part would be getting it to not try and dissolve your dick, maybe select for some sort of sensitizing compound instead of digestive enzymes. But at that point you're looking at a huge amount of work in CRISPR or so many generations of breeding we'll have better alternatives before you're done.

Looks like these youtu.be/dp2lIkmhy2I

>dissolve your dick
Fuggg, I want best Emma to dissolve my dick soo badly

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Duct tape around a banana
Cut the end off
Squeeze out banana
Squeeze in yadick

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Learn to get real poon op

what do u mean cut the end off? wouldnt the entire thing crumble?


Nigger, take the banana and cut off one end. Squeeze the banana out of the skin without peeling or obliterating it like the spastic ape you are, and then fuck the tube of banana peel.

Nigger op meant through selective evolution not fucking killing the banana

You've never fucked a banana peel, OP?

Peel the top, squeeze out most of the banana, fuck away. You can even lick it clean afterwards.

Krispy Kreme custard donuts are better, TBH.

>Okay so hear me out
as soon as i read that

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salmonella risk ya nasty banana fucker

Are you fucking retarded

If you could get one of those to create a similar gel like in aloe vera I guess it could work

what the fuck are you talking about? you don't eat it after you fuck it retard, and even then why have you been fucking raw chicken first? how can you possibly be this brain damaged

are you my daddy?

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The plant in OPs pic is a picture plant. It naturally secrets a digestive fluid and pools within the flower. If you could alter the DNA rendering the fluid less acidic, theoretically you could fuck it. You would need do use it in your fist because it’s a flower and would never feel tight.

God damn, clearly English isn't your first language but kudos on at least trying it in English, my guy

I think an ace bandage would work better: Duct tape is very strong and it could hurt if your dick is too big around. Also a little lube in there is much better.