Everybody knows snowy cabins and cities at night are comfy, but what about some more obscure comfy feels...

Everybody knows snowy cabins and cities at night are comfy, but what about some more obscure comfy feels? Could be things only you think are comfy, i like it when im taking a long shit and the motion sensor turns the lights off, thats comfy to me. What about you?

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Or being the last person in the building after class/work

I love that time between turning the shower on and getting in. If nobody is around I'll just sit or stand outside the shower with the lights down low as the room steams up.
I'd put a bed in there and fall asleep to it and read if it wasn't a huge waste of water and heat.

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Kinda like this.

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Not obscure but the feeling of putting on a fresh pair of warm pants from the dryer is awesome.

Sports in snow is a treasure. Its very rare for heavy accumulation in a game, maybe one every few years that is really snowy.
Even windy/rainy games are fun and comfy sitting at home watching.

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I agree.
I also kinda like leaving the bathroom after a shower. Going from hot and humid to cool and dry is quite pleasant. Bonus points for clean sheets.

I use to time my laundry so that its done while I shower. Then after drying off I take the cold walk to the dryer but then put on warm everything. Sometimes would have a blanket in there too. Worked best when I was done with whatever needed to be done that day and I could just be cozy on the couch.

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Last time I checked, Kowloon isn't comfy

I kinda like the idea of being in a relatively safe building riding out huge storms like a hurricane. I suppose some of it is knowing nobody else is around no matter what.

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Hey...nice, Elon

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I've got very obscure comfy feels kek

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how obscure comfy you want?

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Long distance train or boat trips seem comfy to me. Space trips too, but only fictional for now.

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boscure comfy is best comfy

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Is it just me who would like to live in a comfy bunker?

OP made me kek
Very comfy

secret rooms or compartments

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You have a motion sensor in your restroom?
Only time I've ever had one of those is when I was in the mental facility.

Verified this feels good.
Nobody left to ask me for shit.
Can just work at my own pace. Get more done faster that way too.

especially when you can see it properly

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thank god im not the only one who likes this

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Im really diggin everything youve posted, except this one. I feel bad for old man. I guess after being stuck in a useless body for so long the release of death can be comfy...

I love my weekends off, buton the few occasions I've had to be in on Saturday it was the best workday ever. I felt like i was trying less and being lazier than usual, but was way more productive than a normal day. I suppose not being bothered and feeling freer helped a lot.

I'm a cyclist, and an auto racer. If you asked me on a normal day I would say no to riding in the rain.

When it happens I'm always like oh shit, fuck me.

Then if it keeps up I always reach a point where I enjoy it, and it feels good.

It may get cold but my working muscles keep me warm. I shiver a bit here and there, then start working harder to keep warm.

After it's over I'm spent and a warm shower, hot meal, and rest are all I want, and it feels good. Reminds me of my days training in the milinitarny.

To the anons posting about sitting around in the bathroom in the steam with the shower on... Yes.

In military training sometimes we only got a few seconds in a cold shower. If we were good, we got up to two minutes in a hot shower. If they were really trying to mess with us they'd let us get into a hot shower, make us get out immediately, then make us get back into a cold shower. It is now a secret pleasure if mine to sit in the steamy restroom for a while and then take my time in the shower.

Rarely see food pr0n threads these days. Holiday time now so lots of comfort food.

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Going shopping in the freezer/ refrigerator section late at night preferably. Just focus on the hum of the machines and the cold of the glass. My favorite place in the world

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I like this one, being sensationally disconnected from inclement weather except for sight is super relaxing.

Yes! Samefag here. My job is very paperwork intensive (and by paperwork I mean in a modern computer sense, lots of email and Excel)

But it's also a people management job with over 100 working for me.

Some days my peers or bosses email me or visit me or bother me because they don't know how to do basic shit in Microsoft office like Excel and word.

I felt like a cuck putting "Excel" in my resume my resume like they told me to in business school, but it got me this good paying job several years out of the military and working shitty paid positions until this.

And then people come to my office we stupid shit like employees getting in fights, drugs, and theft, and my peer is like "we're not HR bro" but why do they keep coming to me?

I think I'm used to the military where as a leader you are somehow responsible for everything? Guy gets arrested on a weekend? Your problem.

I realize I just vented. But to get back to the point, when I don't have to stop every hour or less to deal with shit like that, then I get so much work done so much faster, and with so much less stress.

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Being in a heated car while it's raining is my favorite.

Working at 1 am in an electronics lab.. the smell of flux in the air.

It's a zen that few people will experience.

Rain on car roof is a go to sound for sleeping.

The sound of water boiling before I make tea is always makes me feel comfy.

Most of my managers seemed to spend most of their time in meetings or dealing with 100 e-mails an hour. I like doing the actual work and not dealing with people. Doesn't seem worth the extra little money to go for that.

One of my friends is military with people under him despite doing an office job and he says half his headaches are from having to baby sit people making stupid decisions frequently repeatedly. He feels like he has to be a mother to them and hold their damn hand.

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The photographer is sitting on the toilet in full view of the bed. Freaks.

Thats the best time to go shopping.

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I went for a bike ride on acid once, it was kind of like that. Couldnt stop looking at the sky so i ended up just walking my bike most of the way.

i support this thread

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A good shit is better than a bad fuck.

~ t. Patrician

I ride the rain as often as i can its my absolute favorite form of travel


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I took this recently, and for some reason find it relaxing.

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Maybe its just that im high, but i find this image beautiful. I feel like we are each a light in a seperate building.

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Is that habbo hotel

>wood paneling

Remove the window. I'd rather not have a constant threat of dying in my sleep.

Traveling alone: Road tripping somewhere unfamiliar and just stopping wherever is interesting, hopping between airports and eating by yourself.