A couple weeks ago one of my friends played a prank on me and laced my vape pen with meth dabs...

A couple weeks ago one of my friends played a prank on me and laced my vape pen with meth dabs. Now I'm having real bad nerve pain all over my body. I don't do drugs at all and threw the pen away. But my body just hurts all the time now, and sometimes I feel like I'm going to start having seizures. What do I do Sup Forums. Don't suggest a doctor I'm poor and would never nark on my friend.

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Do more meth

Holy shit, my friend litterally died because of this exact thing. You need to see a doctor or you will fucking die.

this should work just as well

this. ur addicted for life now. good luck.

Lol meths l
Dabs???? Do u even know how meth is smoked ? Nice try faggot

you can't dab meth

Amphetamine withdrawals are ass. Even from small short term use.

Source: go pills in military and ritalin and Adderall in college

I don't do drugs user's never will. It's Hip to Square...

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Lol. Meth dabs.

That’s not a thing, op. As in, that doesn’t exist. Hahaha

So then my friend who swears they dabbed my vape is totally fucking with me? How do you explain me staying up for 3 days straight and a super heighten anxiety? Then this crushing nerve pain all over my body?

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>user who's never smoked meth
Yes you can put meth into a dab pen, you fucking moron.
A dab pen is typically ceramic container that heats up with an inner coil, like you would do to the bottom of your meth pipe, instead of a coil, it's a lighter.
You see, theres a small set of screens in the mouthpiece of most dab pens, and the rock would just sit against it, and instantly vaporize under temperature.

You're an easily gullible moron. Stop doing drugs, you're not smart enough for it.

serves you right for being a filthy vaper

I don't do drugs you FAGEET didn't you even read my posts...

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>doesn't do drugs

Nicotine is a drug you idiot. One you were stupid enough to get yourself addicted to.

Get a load if this guy

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i hate rats, but if my friend ever laced my shit with meth and that happened to me i wouldn't hesitate to rat them out if i had to

i doubt the hospital would ask where you got the meth from though

Was it a pen containing a cylinder with a liquid? If so, it is impossible to consume meth in this manner

You threw your vape away
You're suffering nicotine withdrawals.
Physically you'll be over your addiction in less than a week and the withdrawal symptoms will end.

Don't vape nicotine only flavors. To curb my appetite and stop from eating tonnes of candy.

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They said they sprinkled some crushed up meth in my pipe when I was sleeping. After I smoked it all said person started laughing at me and said you smoked a lot of meth...

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>my friends played a prank on me and laced my vape pen with meth
>Now I'm having real bad nerve pain all over my body
>my body just hurts all the time now
>I feel like I'm going to start having seizures
>Don't suggest a doctor
>would never nark on my friend
>I'm poor
Natural selection comes early this year.

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>never nark on my friend
>who pranked me by drugging me with meth

When I vape to curb my appetite I usually vape all or most of my flavoring. My friend didn't know this and I vaped it all in less than an hour. My friend who vapes meth and calls it dabbing or what ever said that much lasts them all day and can't believe I vaped it all at once.

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>inhaling vapor to curb appetite
Seems like all that fat went to your head.

>can't believe I vaped it all at once
And all you feel is itchy withdrawal, no being up for 3 days not eating? Yeah, no.

Flavors user flavors you know skittles trix ice cream cake. I just want it taste it without consuming calories.

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If you are starving, and you inhale the fruity aroma of breakfast cereal, you are still going to be starving. Worse, your body will expect food, and get none.

You function on less than 60 watts of power, that much is clear.

That's not a "friend". That's someone you should beat to death.

Next time he falls asleep around you, crush his testicles. And by "crush" I mean take a pair of pliers, place their jaws around his nuts, and squeeze until the jaws touch together.

Alright, retard, here's some broscience for you, accumulated from years of dealing with methheads at my shelter.
You're suffering withdrawal, because the body upregulates really fucking quickly from heavy stimulants, especially meth. The bad news is your brain has somewhat been rewired and you will crave that shit for a very long time, but the physical effects will stop within a few days, when the downregulation is done. The body upregulates itself to make sure things don't get overstimulated and fucking die (excitotoxicity) when you take something fun like meth, or levo/dextroamphetamine. When whatever caused it is gone, the body is still upregulated to keep things balanced, and you feel like shit because of the imbalance.

tl;dr wait it out and endure the cravings that will come

Please read DUDE after the effects wore off weeks later I am having chronic nerve pain all over my body... Hoping maybe someone could help...

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Further, shut the fuck up about "chronic nerve pain". You have literally no idea what you're talking about. Just wait it out you dumb cunt, or google, you could have gotten all the same wisdom there, quicker and more eloquently presented.

I eat healthy and exercise every day I vape to cut down on junk food.

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summer already?

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not days, miswrote, it'll take a lot longer than that with meth.

>my vape pen
>I don't do drugs at all

Oh really? What do you think it is you're smoking in the vape pen??

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>I vape to cut down on junk food
Look where that got you. If you ate healthy, you wouldn't substitute eating for vaping. You'd be eating a diet of fiber that would keep you from craving junk food. And I doubt that someone who exercises every day, eats an entire bag of candy afterwards.

Stop lying.

sure is summer in here

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It's been three weeks I don't do drugs and no longer hang around anyone that does drugs because of this. The chronic pain is unbearable what can I do? Any holistic methods?

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Either I'm not typing shit clearly or you're not reading it right I have been laced with meth so I don't know but I clearly said I do eat right. I Vape for flavor what I eat is fruits veggys and meats milk and nuts. And I don't eat surgery sweets or consume shit calories.

You can dab meth and heroin dumb fuck

>I clearly said I do eat right
So why do you vape for flavor? 75 IQ?

Its pretty much the same as freebasing meth on tin foil downy

Lace their drinks with a bunch of xanax bars and rape them OP

OP treats his body as a temple, but is friends with people who would put meth in a vape pen as a prank.


user, don't believe these retards.

Assuming you're telling the truth and this isn't bait, go to a hospital immediately, avoid those friends they could have killed you or given you an addiction.

Because skittles taste way better than broccoli but they are not healthy. lemon cake tastes better than almonds So I eat almonds and vape lemon cake. What part of that don't you get I'm not substituting vaping for food I just like the flavor without consuming extra unneeded calories. LITERALLY HAVING YOUR CAKE AND VAPING IT TOO...

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Was friends.

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Wrong nigger, you definitely can I've done it

>What part of that don't you get
The part where you overeat because you're huffing aromas on the whim of a craving.

You're substituting lemon cake for almonds. You eat almonds and vape lemon cake-like aroma. You substitute eating for vaping, you brainless bag of water. Considering the circumstances, I highly doubt you possess the capacity to regular when you want to eat lemon cake.

Why? Because your forbidden desire for lemon cake resulted in what could only be explained as an audition for the Darwin Awards.

you dont want to go to a doctor and dont want to seek revenge on your buds... so the best you can do is suck it the fuck up. drink lots of cranberry juice, lots of water, and start running. sweat it out and move on

Hur Durr Lemon cake like aroma = 0 Calories.
The amount of Lemon cake I would have to consume to fulfill my lemon cake love lust = 20,000. If I can taste it in my mouth and nose that's all I need. And I can taste it for as long as I want without consequences until someone dabs my vape...

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>Hur Durr Lemon cake like aroma = 0 Calories
Evidently also 0 brain cells.
>The amount of Lemon cake I would have to consume to fulfill my lemon cake love lust = 20,000
So, how's that meth?

>If I can taste it in my mouth and nose that's all I need
Bullshit. Source: the cephalic phase response. Additionally, the fact that you vape whenever you want to eat something you say you don't.

>And I can taste it for as long as I want without consequences until someone dabs my vape
Genius, right? Always vaping for as long as you want without consequence- oh, wait. You would need to eat something like almonds every time you lust for lemon cake, right?

How's that meth?

Tits or GTFO!!!

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It’s all in your head, you can’t dab meth, I suggest your sleeping pattern needs a fix

You’re a junky now bud, welcome!
Only way to get rid of pain is more meth.

Yes you can easily.Stick a shard to your dabber with a little wax, heat up your nail, suck it back. It's actually pretty awesome

sounds more like you dabbed cyanide fren

It's even easier with a vape

>broke the brainlet
>panic response
If you're just that retarded, and the story doesn't add up because you're that retarded, it's just desserts that you freebased enough meth to potentially remove yourself from the gene pool. Even more, as you won't go to the hospital.

He ats right, he works out, he minds the carbs... but this herculean faggot doesn't seek medical attention when his body cries out in pain.


Rather live with the pain thanks just wondering if there is anything that can be done?

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>not wanting to narc on your friend
>when he intentionally spiked your vape with fucking METH
>still considering that faggot your friend
if someone I knew did that shit to me I'd go nuclear and beat his ass
and if for some reason my other friends were on his side I'd find new friends because those people are clearly trash people

Nah just take the meth bud, it’s a sweet life when you’re high.

Whats not logical is why you expect someone to give you attention when you haven't showed not even one breast you're not fooling anyone thot be gone.

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>being a faggot even harder
Simply amazing.

Wasn't a him was a her and we were good fuck buddies. I no longer see her after this which sucks because that pussy was good. She has kids and a really good job I'm not the one going to destroy her.

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>being a cuck
>getting cucked by a single mother
>getting cucked by a single mother with a good job
>dying because stupid
>dying for pussy
Good job.

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>She has kids and a really good job
And spikes dab pens with meth. Yeah, you really shouldn't interfere with that stability.

I won't die right guys???

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>being this fucking beta
who cares if she has kids and is successful. you have to take care of #1. I can't fathom just curling up and accepting the fact that you might die because you don't want to inconvenience some unstable bitch

>I'm going to start having seizures
>Don't suggest a doctor

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It's been three weeks I'd be dead already she does meth recreationally I assume a lot of people on Sup Forums do too. I literally fucked her for three days straight and unwittingly vaped all her meth...

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if you're at the point where you're asking Sup Forums if you're going to fucking die you should probably go to the fucking doctor

>changing your story
whatever dude enjoy your new junkie life, hopefully it lasts more than a few weeks

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You can dab meth you Fucken virgin

Sounds like you dabbed their cums more like

Roofie her Fucken kids see how she likes it, fuck her and fuck her job. I would start slipping heroin into her nicotine pen or some shit, destroy her Fucken life OP and stop being such a beta male faggot. Grow a pair. She Fucken violated you, and youre just gonna take it? She probably knew you were a bitch.

You din't read user So far cranberry juice exercise and water. Has been the only helpful suggestion The issue is the Meth has exacerbated a nerve problem I may have developed it from the Meth or may just now do to the meth be feeling the full effects of. Crushing nerve pain all over my body from toes to scalp... Comes and goes from fingers to toes.

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His terminology is fucked, that aside, you could take a dab out of a crack/meth pipe or you can vape it. Why couldn't you vape meth? Someone is a massive troll here but let's be realistic.

Back to r/stims faggots

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God I hate you, gate-keeping-anime-girl-sign-user

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Probably just going through shitty withdrawal.

Lots of water, and food to flush it out. Usually goes away in a couple weeks.

>Imagine sucking weird chemicals into your lungs and not even getting a buzz off of it

Keep doing it and someday all the Redditors will be gone. You aren't pathetic at all.

Aderall is just amphetamine, rilatin is another class I think but I'm sure it ain't amph. Both these drugs aren't known for bad withdrawals and aren't terribly addicting, stop tryna act like what you ain't and be happy you never experienced serious withdrawals

Don't suck them into my lungs just my mouth and nose.

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What the fuck are you talking about? Adderall has almost no withdrawal symptoms. I’ve been on the shit since I was in elementary.

I don't use reddit like a fag, but r/stims seems to be a safe space for drug users.

It’s called being a dirty bum faggot from dabbing too much cum

It’s the only answer if cranberry juice made a difference.

Could be a first time infection of the herpes simplex virus or the like. That shit causes massive nerve pain in some cases. Cranberry juice is anecdotally used to help it.

this sounds like addiction in the Fallout universe
op get some fixer or see a free clinic

It could be completely unrelated to your meth addiction.
How many dirty faggot dicks have you sucked to completion recently?