DeepNude Thread

DeepNude Thread
To get a good result have:
-girl facing camera
-in bikini or similarly revealing clothing
-only one person in the photo
-good enough lighting
-girl not too close to camera
-girl standing up
-nothing blocking breasts

If you don't get a reply, this ^ is why.

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This work?

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Please please kind sir. I beg of you

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It did not.

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Not OP

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no dice

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...bad Photoshop work!

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Not OP

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How about this?

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FOrgot file lul

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it keeps fucking up the nipples
It's not Photoshop, you absolute retard. How do you think we're getting it out so quickly?

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god hope this works

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Not OP

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no dice

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no dice

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Any chance?

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it keeps fucking the tits up real bad

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please OP

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Not OP
What program do you use?

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no dice

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holy fuck, how has nobody commented on this.....i REALLY want the one on the right

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Thanks OP!

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Holy fuck

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Not OP

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Not OP

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too close to the camera
turned out shitty

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Hopeful the top works

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2 close?

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Damn I do too yet ours are each different

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daaaaaamn hot

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on the left please

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I need more space left and right
Probably because the actually read the OP and realize it doesn't work with two people, retard

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pls im in love with my sister and i need to know what kind of areolas she has.

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