Has anyone on Sup Forums "achieved" enlightenment, if we may use such terms?

Has anyone on Sup Forums "achieved" enlightenment, if we may use such terms?

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what is your question op?
your actual question.

Yeah, I have. I'm insulin dependant, and sometimes I fuck up and give to much. Specifically at night when I'm asleep, sometimes I'll wake with a bad low blood glucose, like 20-40. Real bad. People have seizures from less. So I stumble to the kitchen for juice, but before I drink I pause because I realize that I understand everything. It's not like I do, and I know I couldn't tell you the capital of Delaware, but it's more like an extreme calm because everything just makes sense. Then I eventually drink the juice and return to reality.

What's actually happening is that the part of my brain that does anxiety and doubt was dying from lack of sugar. I suspect it's why fasting is so important in lots of religions. To get this sort of experience.

Anyway, it doesn't happen to me everytime, but when it has it's been while I'm asleep with a very low sugar. It feels fucking sublime. Greatest feeling in the world.

only slightly for a small amounts of time.

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i'm a marxist, yes.

Once I did a tab of NB and had everything figured out for like 4 hours


That was my bedroom circa a long ass time ago.

What do you mean by slightly for small amounts of time?

What is "NB" and what do you mean by you had everything figured out for 4 hours? That's great if you did, that's a long window. What did you feel you had figured out?

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What is Enlightenment?

Yeah, after a trip on mushrooms and some guided meditation. On my trip, I talked to my ancestors (allegedly mind you, it was a fucking psychedelic trip) and it fucked me up.

It's freedom from a self-limiting view. The whole game of "I must get this" or "I must reject this" disappears.

Yes. And I found out the Hindus concept of Brahman is actually what we are experiencing. That is, we are all part of an immortal infinite energy that has fragmented itself into infinite pieces and is experiencing itself.

>I found out the Hindus concept of Brahman is actually what we are experiencing.
Beautiful, mind shearing how this occurred? Did it happen spontaneously or as the result of practice?

>anyone on Sup Forums
I very much doubt it.

>has anyone in this dumpster achieved cleanliness yet?
Not counting the euphoric atheists, I don't think anyone is quite there yet.

It seemed spontaneous when the revelation washed over me but it was the result of years of multifaceted study in logic, physics, ancient and modern philosophy+ meditation practice.

NB is a hallucinogen, short for 25I-NBOMe, often called N-Bomb. It only lasts 4 hours. Felt relieving, music got better. My thoughts started making more sense on a grand scale. I felt like I figured out why people acted the way they do, like politically, and our role and purpose and stuff.

I see, so I'm assuming it is a serotonergic psychedelic? Those are the best and can precipitate experiences of self-realization.

They will be legalized in our lifetime, and hopefully they can be used in therapy/

saw some hippie faggots saying that that nbomb shit was bad this other day. I was too drunk and asked where to get real acid, but never came back. never gonna find real lsd nao.

>never gonna find real lsd nao.
Sadly no, people offering you it are probably offering you an analog they bought off TOR.

Go with shrooms every time, then when ready, take DMT.

Or, you know, just meditate for a few years for at least 2 hours per day.

them trips replyinf to my own trips.
i actually asked about some canadian faggots who got arrested and then no elese in the entore was manufacturing lsd anymore. just wanted to know if that situation resolved itself, I mean, if people are making it or if it followed the way of the quaaludes

Maybe so. Not sure of full effects of long term use, heard it can be fatal in some situations if you overdose but no duh. It’s nice bc it doesn’t last TOO long that it becomes inconvenient, and the trip isn’t overly strong.