We had almost two good days

We had almost two good days.

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It could have been better. Far too many "Yay - No porn! Mods and janitors are working!" post. That became 80% or more of the board.
Had a chance to be great, didn't do it.

Even when the porn did return I noticed an increase in diversity of posts, and about a whole lot of things.

I agree.
Those were some nice hours.
Coomers going apeshit and trying to post porn
Lots of activity in general
Felt like older times were back...

It really did. At least we had that. I'm hopeful that it's awaken a few more oldfags and shown some newfags what else is possible. We might see a sliver of an improvement.

I really hope so.
I mean...ffs, i don't hate porn, but it's just so fucking frustrating to see the same threads everyday. It's always a cuck thread, loli thread, wwyd, gore/rekt, share your gf/wife.....
I saw a proposition by an user of making something like "/bp/" in order for everyone to have their own random space, which i actually agree with.
Welp, if we want Sup Forums to be great we should post good shit ourselves instead of complaning so much i guess

some oldfags I talk to on wickr came back just to post because of the porn ban, other boards were interacting too, even a pony thread is welcome compared to BBC and FB/IG threads

Stop getting nostalgic. Half the posts were fucking garbage. At least porn fills a void in some people. The garbage posts that filled half the board where the porn usually was were cringe and garbage.

mods are asleep

Maybe you just lack imagination.


What are some pinnacles in what you'd consider an ideal Sup Forums?

The garbage posts that filled half the board where the porn usually was were cringe and garbage
Spotted the newfag

Wannabe Chad.

theres a million fucking porn websites out there. Why does this have to be yet another one

you cant force a diversity of posts, if you truly want /b to have less porn then make good threads that will get people talking

I missed it, why did they let porn come back?

There's plenty of subreddits for you faggots to return to. Quit trying to turn this place into your safespace.

>t. coomer

Goodbye Sup Forums I wish I never had any hope


Problem is some of these are being bot posted, we dont really have much of a chance. /bp/ is the best option

It was just good to see anything other than spam. Culture would build over time if this board wasn’t over run by spam trash.

How many boards are on Sup Forums? Do ALL of them have porn? No. Try one that doesn't allow it (which is nearly all of them). Demanding that Sup Forums conform to your standards is incredibly childish.

It’s a spam overrun pile of shit with like 8 multiple of the same thread going at once. It’s called moderating a board faggot.

What the fuck is with all the newfags here? Don't like /b gtfo

Mods have to sleep sometime....

It was a hack morons. That only lasted a few hours.
The mods fixed the bored and made it Truly Random again.
Go find a safe space somewhere else.

Did the mod come back and ban porn a second time?

Oh, OP, now you'll be forced to remember you are not fuckable.. how to cope?