It is a cycle as old as time itself, named "Celeb Thread"

It is a cycle as old as time itself, named "Celeb Thread"

For my QTs edition

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I want to push all those VJ'S into each other and watch them fall like a bunch dumb dominoes


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b-bad? :( what can i do to make up for it


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Seriously? man you dumb.

So big....Hard not to stare

some has been disney girl


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you certainly got to cum to those milkers, can't be a titcow fan and not be giving Salma fairly consistent loads

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Imagine them just bursting from her robe as you walk into the kitchen

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hi neta

I would walk into a wall or something.

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Was I not hard enough before user?

God she is fun to bust to.

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>consistent loads
oh boi im in for a ride...teach me the ways
I am ready for her
fuck she is impressive

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i wanna eat bbc cum and lube out of frambo's juicy stinky butte ;_:

Goddamn, i was gonna jerk to emma but i think it might be a milkers fap tonight. So good

no, i suspect she thinks you need to grow harder

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hi user :3

hi to you too

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Would be impossible to stay mad at her and those.

that she is
was going to head off unfortunately

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mommy k

Hullo. I am asleep rn, how are you?

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>tfw ywn have a threesome with VJ and Laura

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I would shoot my load and then shoot myself in the fave with a gun. I bet she'd piss herself

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mamas milkers
we got another one lads

let them consume you

nyoooo i need SELMA fuck

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yes you will, i believe in u

Well fuck, that pic is certainly helping. Jeez.

its v early and im v sleepy

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think I helped you with Michelle the other day, I'm sure I'll find you later

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God those tits are massive

make those veins throb
she hopes you havent touched it yet

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I want to smear my shit filled underwear all over sexy Laura's face

Kate and Salma make me want to touch it....

ur diaper u mean?

Oh yiss miss michelle
fuck, you are good at introducing me to your ways
take care ~ be sure to post Selma

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I havent touched it yet either, but i cant deny the milkers. I need it

Uhh not yet, I was just scrolling past and saw Kate and here I am. Haven't even got my jeans off. Guess she has that effect on people.

ty user I shall try
gross please don't do that

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try witht all your heart princess.
tthink about how much it means to you and dont take no for an answer


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then get to it boiz
ONLY when you think you're at maximum hardness

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I dunno if I got much space left to spare in these jeans. She's shrinking them by the pic.

No. Froot of the Loom.

This is my favorite Laura. I would hold her down and stink up that elevator with my rotten cum and large beef farts

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More big tits...fuck...

I shall
However ofc you know I'm not gonna do it without their consent.

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lol word

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Well shit.

It's so hard not to, i'm aching more and more

I dont normally jerk to her but she looks fucking good here. Great body

The succubus has arrived.

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Ariels tits are looking really good...

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tit for tit

ache for her, swell, and edge till she makes you blow handsfree

uh oh looks like you cant take them off...time to get messy

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>uh oh looks like you cant take them off...time to get messy
It's okay, I can get it out. Gimmie a second. I don't wanna mess up my jeans

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this specimen lacks hips and ass, and is therefore inferior breeding stock, just like taylor swift.

No. Leave them on.


orrr...i mean...mess them

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I dont know if i can resist...i need to cum for her

But i'm gonna ruin my boxers too! It's getting real cramped in there...

And you are just... not helpful.

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To slide my cock between those

good, you seem to have lost control

okay...take the jeans off...but RUIN your boxers

lemme know what type of pics of kate you wanna see

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Drain yourself into your pants user. Hump your hand through your jeans. Worship your Goddess. Are you really going to let some clothes stop you?

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fuck off fattylover


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Welp, opened the pic, first thought 'mommy' here we go

:o hey kate fren

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My poor boxers. But okay. I can do that. I do't think Kate has bad pics so any is golden.

But user, the jeans are so uncomfortable. How about I just unzip them and ease the strain a bit? Would that count?

Dem tits.

Would lick Tay's sweaty butthole for a thousand years

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Victoria Justice, looks like a doll and acts like one
Pretty irrelevant for the last 5 years or so but still looks good

rip anons boxer
but itll be worth it once kate works you up a big load

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>proper hip to waist ratio to facilitate birth.

lrn2biology, dumbass.

Shes so perfect fuck