Rate my 21 year old girlfriend

Rate my 21 year old girlfriend.

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Moar. 5/10

Ass pics of her please

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Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed

She actually loves it. She's hardcore penecostal so I expected her to be very tame but she absolutely loves ass play and is super kinky.

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She could tie me up and sit on my face for hours and hours or till I pass out while I'm rimming her
Would she like that

She’s very pretty! I’m very happy for you guys!

Lovely! Keep on going


Sje needs kegeal balls.in that pussy. She would.look great pushing them outt


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>hardcore Pentecostal
Yeah just wait till that stupid bitch decides she’s all about Jesus again and doesn’t want to fornicate anymore. Fuck pentecostals/apostolics. Fucking hypocrites. Or in my experience, decides she not only wants to cut off any and all forms of sex, but hang out with some choir boys out at the park at midnight 10 miles from the city limits. I can’t stand those shit stains anymore

If she likes kinky we should talk
Skype or discord
I'll post mine if you'd like

Michelin Man /10

She went back and forth for a while. Even after we did it she kept reverting and feeling super guilty and then swearing it off but she's way too horny for that to have ever lasted. Was a real bitch convincing her to get on birth control though because she had to admit to herself this was something she was going to continue to do. As soon as she did though the flood gates opened and have stayed open. She's into everything.

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this, lol


Nice trips. She put on a bit during some depression. We are working on it together, she wants to lose about 50. I think her shape is insanely sexy and love her the way she is but I admit thinking about her smaller is intriguing with those hips.

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When you getting a knotting dildo?

Guess my posts are invisible

Yeah, enjoy it while it lasts. That bullshit happened with mine for a while too till the very end. I fucking hate Pentecostals now. I used to be a pretty hardcore Christfag Pentecostal too but now after the 4 years of bullshit with mine, I can’t bring myself to even go close to another Pentecostal church anymore.

Boy oh boy, I think my favorite time during the end was when she told me “I got off birth control”, like she was making a fucking point. Once again OP, enjoy it while it lasts. Pentecostals, and I’ve known them for over 20 years, are extremely fickle animals. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT expect a consistent behavior pattern from any one of them. They’re all fucked from the start. Not that it’s their fault entirely, but they are. Don’t say nobody ever warned you about them.


>hardcore pentecostal*

Wow, you’re both retarded. Must be true love.