If 0 was for straight and 6 was for gay, which one are you /b and why?

If 0 was for straight and 6 was for gay, which one are you /b and why?
I’m around 2.5-3 tbh.

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2.5 to 3

You sound gay

Probably 5.5-6 somewhere around there

Jesus, you can't even make a proper fucking graph?
I don't know. Maybe 2 or 3.

Why lol? Fuck gays tbh lol

Based fellow half faggot

That’s from google and it’s 2 am I cba making another one now..


Damn didn’t expect that here, most people are bisexual on this board I assume.

What can i say? I'm a hyperfag
also checked

Slick dubs my half fag

when it comes to porn, 3 or maybe 4. I love watching dudes fuck, especially in public places
irl a 1 or 2. I've only ever fucked women and always chicken out after meeting a guy on grindr. I have gotten a gay blowjob before though

So if you’re 5.5 you still get aroused by women a bit? Would you get a boner if ivanka trump stripped for you right now?

also any good gay porn sites you guys can recommend? I'm more into real amateur stuff

Triple checked. Damn, are gays lucky or did moot instal some kinda dubsware into computers of all they gays before he left?

X to mildly 0.

Depends on what u wanna watch. I have daddy issues so I only watch dirty old men fuck or just old men with twinks it’s whatever

Two. I say two because I would have sex with a man, but only if he were extremely feminine and exclusively received. I'm far more attracted to women than men, I just don't see the appeal of muscular, hairy, masculine men. I like smooth, hairless skin, a nice curvy ass while being petite in other places. Feminine people are just my preference.


fags are gross. I mean real gross, make me wanna puke.

Well, I mean It's more that I've never had sex with a woman, but I might be open for it depending on the circumstances

Pure zero. Don't mind gays or anything like that, just don't find even the slightest tingle in my moustache from the thought of another moustache.


Fags deserve death

Absolute 0. And I used to be neutral to fags, but they've become part of the brainwashed leftist commie cult, so they can all go straight to hell.

So you think everything from 1 to 6 is Gay?

I’m op(2.5-3) but I fucking hate the lgbt community. There just a Bunch of attention seeking morons.

Reminder for coomers, if you ever fapped to cuck shit/got chucked you’re straight as a roundabout.