DeepNude Thread

DeepNude Thread
To get a good result have:
-girl facing camera
-in bikini or similarly revealing clothing
-only one person in the photo
-good enough lighting
-girl not too close to camera
-girl standing up
-nothing blocking breasts

If you don't get a reply, this ^ is why.

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This work?

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Too close

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Can u do smthn?

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Like her?

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You can see her nipples on the left Image. They're misplaced on the right.

Thanks OP, this one possible?

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I took that thread starter from another thread. This shit uses ai so don't get on my ass.

Pic I stole of a friends ex, possible OP ?

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Had to crop

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This one please

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All this work?

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Would be great if you can do this

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Literally downloaded the software and started 2 hours ago with no instructions

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what software?

Just copy some tits over and blend?

software name?


its a neural network smh

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why these are wider than original?

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Program quirks

Thank u 4 ur service

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Does it work if the image has some text?

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Probably, idk

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does not like the photo

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Nice work, you are a hero

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think this will work OP?

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Pls op

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Too tan of bikini

you reckon this will work OP?

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Do this one OP! She's 19 btw

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any moar of her?

Almost :D thanks OP

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The fact you felt the need to state that makes me feel like she isnt

Fuck, thanks anyway. I think I’ll give this dream time a shot

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Guy in the back has deep nude already

nice midget proportions, any moar?

She is, but why I needed to clarify should be obvious, no?

DO you guys even read the original post

after second viewing i get it

Sadly no

almost definitely not

how do I update the checkpoints data models for the software

Its in the about and there should be a but to auto update

Also none of these images work

stop being a fucking retard and use your small, pathetic collection of inner resources to figure it out

is this one posible?

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