What's it like to have a gf, Sup Forums?

What's it like to have a gf, Sup Forums?

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I wish I knew

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It's like having a good friend that you can fuck.

So, pretty great. They're also usually the person that can piss you off the most though, so that's not great.

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It's beautiful. It changes everything. Life becomes worth living.

bags of sand

Hair. Hair everywhere.

It's great knowing you can finger her and touch her any where and any time you like.

A bitch that feeds off of attention constantly the victim and makes you go insane every fucking day, but you can extract that into sex

and complains

like walking through a field of corn but you don't even mind

That changes over time. Especially fingering.

Someone keeps competing for your attention with everything else in life.
You can have sex, but you'll never truly trust her.
She will see your ego or character as a thing she needs to destroy, and make it her purpose in life to 1-up you ego wise.
She will fail, and realize that you're a man and she's a woman, and she'll go apeshit and try to manipulate, lie, cause drama and all kinds of bratty bullshit because they are inferior and they know it. And when they understand just how inferior they are they lose it.

Just fuck hookers, they're more honest and easier to handle. And eventually marry a virgin who is submissive and understands her role in the household.

>Would recommend/10

It's the best feeling in the world

you know she will stop loving you no matter what you do. no matter how much you work, its a lot of work and still it will end. she will find a new man eventually. not worth it.

Oh wow I've never seen projection so clearly before. It's a wonder you got that far to begin with.

like having a broken, sub-standard, much less than you expected dream girl. But she's yours.
Also, say goodbye to their looks past 35.

That's true. My one gets her clit rubbed and organs hard. Fingering is to get in the mood.

its not bad, but it isnt as great as having two girlfriends.

bitter and negative


shut your mouth nobody cares

pretty much this.

And I'd like to add... For no reason whatsoever youll find yourself in an argument that you did not cause yet are the reason for the argument despite doing nothing. Youll be confised by her irrational emotions and eventually it will drive you insane. You honestly cannot trust them for anyhting. Ya maybe one will be faithful and not cheat on you, but if thats the case then she will be batshit crazy or depressed or something.

All women have this one gigantic flaw that holds them all back from enjoying their life like a normal person.

I was happier single but the pussy game ridiculous and I'm in too deep.

and right

i think you met the wrong woman, and im sorry for that, i would have loved your ego

Pretty sweet. Also GF tits

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>her role in the household

Hey asshole, women are SUPERIOR than men! OKAY?

utterly subjective. people have good relationships and bad relationships. that's a fact. for people who have only had bad relationships it's true, for people who have had good relationships it's not. find a good relationship and stop bitchcrying about how terrible the world is. you'll be happier I promise you.

It's a lot of meh.
You have to pay for shit.
You have to put up with their shit.
You don't get to spend all your free time on you, doing shit you like doing.
You have to pretend to like her friends.

Pros, you do get to fuck her. Here's hoping you're halfway decent, have a halfway decent game, and can dick enough to keep her. If you're giving all of your free time and money up for some fat fucking piece of shit, you're better off saving your sanity, plus your friends harassing you, and just calling up an escort every so often. They're kinda like jobs. If you're a director, and then you go to fry cook, it's kinda hard to get back up to what you were used to, don't settle for less than you deserve.

I honestly go harder when she says it hurts. Cause I can't forget the bullshit she says.

It's expensive

you should work on yourselves

Hey sidekick *at best*, it is "SUPERIOR TO"
You fucking illiterate cum-dumpster fucktoy.

She compliments you.

If you're compatible: it's fucking great, you have a cool person to hang out with your dick feels good inside them.

on the other hand... if you're not a match. it's a soul sucking mind numbing cancer that has to be cut out or your both rot.

As if you know me. Get off your high horse.

I've had exactly 8 long relationships and 2 short ones.
I've had one night stands (3, not much)
And I've had a fuckload of female friends.

I can attest and make the claim that women want to "Dominate" when they are utterly incapable of doing so. It's not a concept of "Bad relationships so he's bitchcrying" it's more the fact that it's in their nature and the sooner you come into any relationship with full dominating force the less headache you'll have along the way.

Don't get me wrong, a gf is fun to have around, but I'm only marrying a virgin who is utterly and I mean UTTERLY submissive. I have better things to do with my life that to spend it keeping a woman in line, it would be a distraction and a nuisance.

This. Some of them suck the life out of them.

I have a wife, faggot. And it’s much better. Keep using empty headed sluts to jerk off with. When you grow up, you’ll get some self respect and find a mate and continue the species....the white fucking species hopefully.

oh shi

It depends. To me it was like having a best friend you could fuck. But over time it became like being a father to an adult child. One that's spoiled and you can't discipline. Now I have a sex doll who doesn't nag or whine or freak out on me or demands I spend retarded amounts of money on dates and gifts. Also sex with the doll is way better. I can't fucking wear condoms, they suck ass. At the same time, it becomes nerve-wrecking when you fuck because you don't want her to get pregnant. Also I would get bitched at if she didn't have like 8 orgasms first before cumming so I had to think about other shit for like half an hour so I wouldn't cum. With the doll it feels shockingly like the real thing and yet I cum when I want. What's weird is that now that I am under no obligation to hold out for her, my brain kinda humanizes the doll and I end up fucking her for longer because I want to 'please her' even though I know it's just a doll. Highly recommend if you can't get a girlfriend. Especially if you're just an average guy or ugly and poor, the kinds of girls you're going to be limited to are cows or abusive cunts who will fuck other men either behind your back or blatantly in front of you. A doll is your personalized 10/10 and she will stay that way as long as you take care of her.

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I'm dubious as to your definition of a long relationship for starters, and I'm also dubious of your character if you require a submissive virgin that you don't need to "keep in line." You sound like a jealous, controlling prick tbh, so good luck finding your pure, perfect virgin waifu.

>I am 14 and this is deep
Read the rules faggot.

I didn't say I knew you, I'm reacting to what you stated which is weird and fucked up.


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>marry a virgin
Yeah I've got news for you, Bud. Unless you're grooming her from like 11, whatever "virgin" you find is most certainly not one. Not with hundreds of guys at the tap of her phone. I was surprised, even my little cousin was already sucking dick and she just turned 13. Freaked me the fuck out to hear that she was doing that but hey that's the world we live in.

Demanding,stressful, and the constant feeling to fucking yell

wouldn't be missing much if i didn't find her
i already have enough escort contacts to last me a lifetime of fucking, we play poker so they also provide company

i can replace the house choirs with my own hands, i can clean and cook and do my own house choirs, always have been self reliant, and lastly I have a solid social network which would guarantee i never feel "lonely and cuddle deprived"

once you realize orgies completely shit on the concept of the cuddly teddy bear partner you'll realize that most of the shit women pull to establish their place in a relationship is nothing more than bratty behavior.

i'll marry a virgin, a submissive one, and she'll thank god for it because I am the prize in the end.

But going back to the beginning of my post, wouldn't be missing much if I didn't.

My goals and dreams in life > a woman

oh you fucked ahp

literally pain in the balls

>the world we live in
i never said i'm from the states

so you're a hadji. that explains a lot

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>isn't in the states
>immediately asumes i'm a hadji

oy va vey your ignorance is sublime

Kind of like that relative you spend time with and fuck but you are walking on eggshells most of the time, they treat sex like you are the the only one getting anything out of it, and they eventually find excuses to leave.
Stick with filling that hole with incest-friendly relatives.

It's fine.

It's soul sucking bullshit in exchange for sex. Basically it's prostitution but you're exchanging more than money[although you'll be paying a lot too.]

St Paul had the right idea

So you're a happy flower, aren't you.
Remember: girls are as different from each other as boys are. Next time, aim for less ctazy and try to be less of a prick.

life became better.

lost a ton of weight, learned to cook and made it into my hobby, all my imperfect nooks and crannies were loved regardless of how much improvement went on. she was truly the best

I've been married for 13 years. With my high school girlfriend for 24.

It's amazing.

We're best friends.

ITT: Every type from normal people to train wrecks.

Imagine a human being without a dick, with a hole where that's supposed to be, with much weaker bodies and frailer moods. Imagine if that human being was bitter and cruel and jealous, and sneaky. Then imagine that person would plaster their face for hours with chemicals just to appear pretty, and forever in child mentality. Then imagine that person in charge of your life.

That's my fiancee. Stop posting her.

t. cuck

How exactly can you tell if they're SUBMISSIVE

She looks so Wholesome I want to sodomize her

And look at her ear, she got made fun of in grade school and has Marginal self esteem so would take the rough anal

Yo hook me up with that cousin

Uh huh.. and shes fucked how many other guys?

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In the beginning.
Then it gets worse and worse if it's not the right one.
But, if she is right, it will get worse, but not bad... it'll stagnate.

I'm married with children now for like 6 years.
It's ok, luckily found a woman who's chill so we dont really argue almost ever.
Mediocre sex drive 1-2 times per month.
She's a 6/10 on looks, above weight not fat though.
I'm still attracted to her enough I wont cheat.

Good enough for me.

it's ok. it's nice having somebody pretty to go to lunch with and then have sex.

>this thread

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Idk its cool at first and then if its your first you get your heart broken, if it isnt you start to get jaded and eventually breakup. At least in my experience, still got my fingers crossed ill meet a girl i want to marry some day though

This is that crazy girl thats always shouting over that chinese girl thing to get people to help gangstalk.

I hear she works at wc clarkes in pennsylvania on university and makes bank being that barista, a camwhore/hooker and a mafia liaison for their junior university league crews deals.

She drove by my house once in her green old timey suv (yellow stripe) with a yellow hauling truck and like 4 dudes in the car. She pointed her hand at me like a gun and drove off. It felt like aids in the air after she left.

Fucking gross. I'm almost certain her pimp is the owner/operator of that wc clarkes.

I had a fat girl friend for a while that I use to have buy my smokes and get me stuff all the time. I got tired of her and dumped her eventually.

Is this copypasta or are you being serious?

what in fuck are you talking about?

He's talking about Op's post.

yo know god damn well what i meant you sassy fucking susie

I dunno, there’s so much porn here on b I don’t have time for one,

It depends on the girl OP. It’s like anything. Some are bad some are good. Some you can exploit some can exploit you. It may be a bit heartless but I’ve found dating down works better. Get a girl that feels lucky to be with you. The relationship incentives are much more palpable. No, I don’t mean like date a slam piggy or a leper. Just date someone who is gonna be impressed with you.

My current girlfriend is hot but she has a kid and hasn’t figured out her career progression. I’m a lawyer with a growing law practice so she’s extra devoted. She cooks, cleans, fucks like a champ and is constantly trying to earn my affection

It's nice at first, they make you feel good about yourself, get to fuck a lot, learn each other's bodies so the sex gets better and better. But after a while that all slows down, or even screeches to a halt. The things that used to be cute are now annoying. They stop holding back their worst qualities, you become their main source of support instead of their friends and family.

I used to fuck my girl at least 3 times a day, she was always looking good wearing makeup and everything. Always joking together, same interests. I decided she was the one and locked it down, now that we're married I'm lucky to get pussy once a month.
She also has gained weight, hardly cleans or cooks, complains about how we live but won't get a job to contribute.

All that being said, she still has the same personality I fell in love with, and in that way we're actually growing closer the longer we're together and it is really nice knowing I'll come home to someone who loves me unconditionally cause I know I'm annoying sometimes too.
So OP, I'd have to say it's a bit overrated but ultimately better to have one than not to.

Depends. On good days it's a lot like chilling with a great friend you get to fuck if they're down for it. A lot of the time it's like dealing with a nagging bitch who should just go get a dog and piss off.

Living with one is another beast entirely. You'll find clumps of hair in every fucking sink like they're shedding like a dog or some shit. A lot of the stuff you use to find quirky or endearing is now going to get on your nerves and you'll notice small things before you didn't.

It's not all bad but some days it sucks, some days are great. You have days where you'll spend the entire day arguing over dumb shit she won't let go because thats just women, and somedays you'll wake up to sex, have a great meal, go to work in a great mood, come home to a clean house with dinner ready, cuddle up and fuck again before bed.


Soo...nice one Elon.

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Truth pilled

like bags of sand

You gotta lay out your sexpectations before you get walk down the aisle. After I proposed to my wife, everything you described happened exactly (besides the weight).

I sat her down three months before the wedding and told her I wasn’t satisfied and the sexual component was severely lacking. Told her there were three options. We could go our separate ways, she could fix it, or I could have an open marriage.

She fixed it until the first kid came. Now I fuck other women on the side but get the financial/emotional benefit of a relationship. Pussy is surprisingly easy to come by.

It depends so much on details.
When you're young and/or your relation just started it's fun and fucking.
When the dust has kinda settled it can suck ass to be emotionally bond to a womyn who never asks for sex and only allows it to happen on the 29th of February.
Of course you're gonna cheat - and rightfully so - but with remorse

>Pussy is surprisingly easy to come by
Only if you're already married, paradoxically

It starts off tight, she'll submit to you, and take all your interests and once she knows your in it, she'll turn into an angry beast made of toxicity.

this, sadly
getting a bf/gf is great, but there is no greater ego boost than managing to steal one away from someone else

Underrated post.

It’s crazy but true. My ring is like a pussy beacon. Women LOVE established men. A couple girls I was fucking playfully told me they were gonna lure me away. I ended those bc I don’t want any risk of a girl getting emotional over me

1. he didn't even say that. read again
2. no. its not. fucking a married pussy is not much different from joining a MMF threesome which is gay for the dick-rubbing. you need to wait a couple of month before a woman has regenerated to a point you can dick her without guilty conscience

That's why during my man-whore days I wore a wedding ring. I was never married. They never questioned why I would always pick a hotel or their place and not my home.

In middle and high school its fun but don't take it seriously. It will end with drama and its way easier to just play around and avoid what you can when it comes to drama. Break shit off fast, cause relationships when they happen don't normally last long and its more fun to go with numbers.

College is a bit different... Date around to start finding people you really like character grate wise... Though if you go long term you might end up with differing career aspirations.

Post graduation, date in your field.

Generally the older you get the more chil the relationships are and the more flexable partners are to do kinky shit

its like having the ability to save cash because you are no longer doing the dumb things you normally do single but then spending it on dumb things she wants to do...always