Sissy trap cd thread

Sissy trap cd thread

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hung thick dom lf sissy to make me cum rn to her

kik nolewds4c

be shaven.

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Got this in a thread last week

Any one have more advice on how to be more feminine. Last thread was helpfull

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Discord: Erindabz#3053

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im always saving stuff from these kind of threads.

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Skype or discord ?

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Not me, just dumping to get the thread started

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i'll still dump more

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We need more trap feet

I wish one of those were pregnancy tests

How come your butt looks like my next supper?

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Does this count??

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show your spread butthole

Those are feet but I can't even see them clearly

Do a Nazi salute

Anyone have the cute boy in the corgi sweater?

Cause its juicy??

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How bout this?

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Do the nazi salute

I already posted one here
But heres a semi spread

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That's better, sissy.

Imma need more
That’s hot

What would you do to me?

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Do a nazi salute

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o it's me.
I'm happy you enjoyed it enough to save, user.

got any pics/vids with that dildo in you?

I'm going to lose my bottom virginity tonight, any tips?

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not to be a faggot and an attention whore but, holy shit im so actually happy to be the frist two posts of a trap thread!!!

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loosen your buttpussy up beforehand and post it here

Do a nazi salute

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I would like to be a massive faggot for that juicy hole

I have a few. I posted one in the last thread.

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naw nigger im tired as fuck and im stoned and my tummy hurts and im also not dressed rn
thanks boss

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I would, but my phone has been broken for a few weeks, but thanks for telling me to loosen up.

Do it coward

>im also not dressed rn
take more butthole pics

Not me but if your here post another pic

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Such qt benis. wow

damn your dick is 10/10. love the oil too. more pls

It has shrunk considerably since starting hrt. Apologies boys.

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even better. keep posting.

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> do it coward
but im tiiired fuuuck aaargh
nooo i dont wanna arent you satisfied with like last weeks photos you thirsty ass hoes?
also this isnt a current photo its still like at least 4 days old now

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Kill yourself faggot. You were born a man, be a man you disgusting sissy trap discord tranny nigger.

~You are a faggot

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your butthole is just too delicious to be satisfied. you're already nude aren't you?

Do I pass as a girl? Could I trap you?

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It's a meme dude. Don't think he's for real.

I'm probably going to fall asleep soon

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Come on do the nazi salute

Do a nazi salute

show ass. you look pretty thick from the front

Kinda yeah. I'd probably try to fuck you after a few beers.

that fire is inked so fucking well omg old (((disney))) is so fucking good, why cant i just enjoy (((disney))) like a good little consoomer
i mean...ya
no i get that but i did the nazi salute like 3 years ago when i first started doing this shit
no smooth brain stop that

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Gimme nazi salute

so it would be so easy to give us more pics to thirst after

Dessert, anyone?

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not in the slightest
fuckin triangle face with blatantly male arms and legs lmao, just stop being a faggot

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Give the man what he wants

would lick that like an ice cream cone

>majority of posts are off nonpassing boybutts
this thread sucks

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Id eat you out

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>SISSY trap CD thread
wow I wonder why there are so many butt pics in here

Then go to a gay thread

A good trap thread should have at least SOME passers

I would like to fuck

I'm in one, fag. are you lost or something?


please tell me youre leaking in that pic !i love pink chastity cages, they make it impossible to feel any masculinity. every down you have to sit to pee like a girl, you have to carefully position your cocklett a be feminine

Wickr claudiaslut64

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People like butts I guess.

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yeah but like then id have to actually take photos, and get into actual like "sleep clothes"
why do you want this so badly good lord, is it just to make fun of my "man arms"?

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I know it is mostly makeup magic but those lips look great

Post erection and let us make fun of that instead

full video anywhere or more clips?

do you have any with stuff in your butt at least?

Nazi salute now!

already sent you one on kik dummy fug off

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more like this. love pov bareback

I haven't uploaded it anywhere but it has audio on gif.

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Damn i wanna know who that is

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You gotta share pp with the thread boy

do you ever use cum lube with your dildos?