Secrets time

Secrets time.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion (and the follow up End of Evangelion) was the first successful deconstructions of the mecha genre, and established many tropes that persist across mecha anime, and all of anime in general. It was in many ways a perfect storm - the creator was depressed, coming off a divorce, and themes of suicide and the failure of human relationships litter the show, by the end of the tv series they were running out of money, so they took saved animation costs with a few long, repetitive scenes and extensive dialog / voiceover - many of which ended up becoming the most iconic shots in the show. Some of the tropes invented in Evangelion, like the "Rei clone" or "emotionless girl archetype" are given much more thought and depth than in most future incarnations of the trope.
The show follows Shinji Ikari, a teenage boy estranged from his father, who is tasked by said father with piloting an Eva unit. This is his first interaction with his father in years, delivered by letter and proxy as his father remains distant, demonstrated visually many times through the animation / cinematography. Shinji rejects this mission a far as he can, terrified to fight the creatures attacking the post-apocalyptic and nearly abandoned Japan that the show takes place in. He only fights, and barely effectively, when essentially shamed into it by his situation and the mysterious Rei who seems emotionless and obedient except for her clear desire to please Shinji's father. The show introduces and examines a variety of characters, each with a specific sort of broken relationship and personal trauma, alongside revelations about the world and it's future mixed with sci-fi and christian imagery. Along with this theme of relationships, it is revealed that the "robots" the protagonists fight in are not machines, but rather semi-sentient organic creatures covered in armor and retrofitted with machinery to allow them to interface with the pilot's brain.
It's great.

But who was phone??

NGE was a dumb mech cartoon that nerds thought was deep because they used Christian names for things

I was babysitting a paki lad on weekends due to his parents going away.

One time I had turned up a little tipsy and coming off a bad breakup. We were sat on the sofa together when he started tickling me on my tummy where my crop top exposed it. He kept going higher and higher to the bottom of boobs essentially. I moved his hand up to them while he kept 'tickling' them.

Eventually I was on my knees in front of him.

balls deep in my neighbors daughter and later son.

I am watching Seinfeld

Was his dick bigger than yours?

go on,

How old was the son

are you white? how old were u and him

Yep. 19, 14.

did u fuck him?

Ewww too old

Im dangerously addicted to sissy hypno and wanting to be a sissy. The urges i have to buy bra's and panties, the desires i have to hook up with men, the dreams i have of being used and abused while wearing high heels and short dresses plagues my mind everyday.

what fucking 14 year old needs a baby sitter

stop being gay

It's his fake larp, just let him try to amuse us with his tale

Every day I feel my mind pushing me towards the emptiness of suicide.

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racemixing triggers me I hope its fake

add your last digits

>Paki kid

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At least make your life worth something and take out some Central Bankers, or CEOs of corrupt corporations, or some politicians before you end it.

nice try

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Last two or three?

When we were younger, my brother and I used to rub our dicks on each other. We did it untill one time I got hard. I told him to not tell anyone and we never did it again.

Years later I found out that he was browsing and posting on a gay message board, which I fapped to fouriously.

Again years later I found a video of him and his girlfriend fucking. I only had eyes for my brothers hard cock.

He is single again and I keep thinking of ways so I can end up in my knees in front of him so he can facefuck me.

nigger it was beyond Christianity
read some max stirner you fucking normie pleb

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Anyone else have a breastfeeding fetish? Specifically YouTube breastfeeding moms

Does it matter?
Fucked something I shouldn't have fucked.

hideaki anno straight up said the christian imagery was just for aesthetic. he thought it looked cool, like when white dudes get tattoos of eastern religious imagery.

Yes. Who says you should not be fucking.

>central banks
>evil corporations

you working class nigger atleast say jew. last thing i need is some edgy twat fucking with capitalist because idiots in the working class can't get threw your heads jews run everything

tits or it didn't happen

From the age of 15 to 17 i was abused by my step mother. We lived in Coronado and she would help bring cocaine into the country via the water polo team and sell it to her adult friends who had brother and sisters in high school who would sell it further down the chain. I was young and wanted to please so i naturally wanted to help. I ended up becoming addicted to both the drug and her attention. Was a rough few years.

There are things you fuck, and things you don't.
This was a don't.

But I did, and it was godlike.

who was bigger you or your brother? and what ages did you start

how anonymous is this site?

Since he is younger I was always bigger. We stopped when I was 10 or so.

From what I saw he is a lot bigger now though

fairly. I mean its possible to look shit up but it requires a level of commitment that most of the people here dont have.

In all reality, 2/10 max

I've been raped and now I want to be raped again

No one is watching you my friend. Just listening

I like attention is my secrect haha, pic related its me

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violent or just mild forced?


Was she hot


no its not you dumb larp faggot

More of her?


I'd say so. She had large fake breasts. They were the older silicone ones and she had them update to saline when she started to get some real cash flow from the drug stuff. My father was also a pilot for a major airline so that helped. She was thin but sorta tall and had a smaller ass but she knew what she wanted and how to get it.

you ever had sex with a guy?

You are a jew posting porn to brainwash men into becoming incels.

~You are a niggerfaggot

I'm sorry. That must have been hard. Tell us about it.


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hot, story?
Does thinking about it get you off?

It too smart for you soy sniffer.

Instagram profile is public plenty more here lol

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Sadly, many victims do that and rapists think that behavior is normal... adding the "she was asking for it" piles of excuses.

No I haven't. Been practising with dildos though

I recently just had my buddies wife suck me off while be was passed out. And I jerk off some times thinking about it

Jerk off all the time to it.

I know my younger sister was abused while she was drunk in a party some years ago, I never told her about it

I am one of those people that has trouble connecting with people in any level higher than social commonality including romantic levels only getting lust for people I can level with on an intellectual level (like a big gay)

And while I’m comfortable with that knowledge I still get mad jelly whenever a friend describes their romantic experiences to the point where I’m in a slump for weeks

Sounds like a hell of a childhood to me.

All i think about is cock


I kinda do lol she admitted to being with girls and it got me like a rock

What a little slut, so hot

Was it her 5yo birthday party?

Imagine getting this butthurt about someone not liking an anime.

Very or completely if you don't post any personally identifiable information, from the perspective of a random user. Not at all from the perspective of the admins.

It had its moments and i dont regret alot of my choices but it was for sure taken advantage of and abused and made fun of. It also means i have a pretty intense addiction to coke i have trouble shaking.

Did some dirty chatting with a "girl" on kik for a while and sent pics cause she asked.
Got some screenshots back saying they'd be posted all over the place. I've got a pretty normal life and don't want my name and face slandered, but I guess this is my life now.
Nothing's happened yet, but I'm scared beyond belief. Can anyone quell a man's worries? Please? This was one of my first forays into this kind of thing and now I'm afraid it's fucked my life up forever.

What? No, she was 19 back then and was a party at a friend's house

Also the FBI can check anyone's info at any time, as per a stipulation from when moot went to court.

I often take photos of my friends saying I’m sending then to other friends, sometimes true but I mostly do this when they’re looking hella hot so I can jerk to then later

Nah not really just got kinda drunk and ge passed out and we were chilling and shit gotta outta hand it was super good though

I once found pig porn on my brother's computer and have not been able to look at him without thinking about it for over a decade.

I dunno, I just own it. If someone sees you naked, so what? It's not like you did anything illegal, right?
I do nude camming and almost always end up having a bot record the session. (I google my username afterwards)

That's not the best then. Sorry bout the coke addiction mate.

Some people have a uniform fetish. That doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be or be with a law enforcement officer.

Hope that helps.



tell 'her' how hot that is and send more dickpics, they wont waste the energy on you

i edited my rosters on fifa so they were overpowered. i needed to beat my asshole friend.

>Implying the govt hasn't been monitoring the entire internet since the 90s


Just go on her Instagram lol

I jerk off to a blowjob video of my wifes friend almost regularly

You monster

I've been caught trying on women's clothes and forced to suck cock so i wouldn't be reported

"reported"? Did you work at the store? In what context were you reported? You can just buy women's clothing, it isn't illegal, and most companies wouldn't give a shit. Or order it online if you don't want to do it in person.

"Hello fashion police? I'mma need the van here..."

How'd you get the vid?

i know he did it himself. i had to get back at him.

I used to fuck myself with various toys in front of my webcam for hundreds of people while showing my face. I still wonder if someone ever recognized my gay slutty self.

I worked at the store and he was going to report me to management and i really needed the job and I know i could buy it online but i just had to try it on

Someone somewhere recorded it. Just own it. That makes handling the exposure later easier.