Post friends or coworkers that you desperately want to FUCK pt 3

Post friends or coworkers that you desperately want to FUCK pt 3

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need more

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Guy asking for more

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Can anyone share the content on her onlyfans

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Friend I've had a hardon for

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Ever sniff her used panties?

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Screenshot of an Instagram boomerang so it’s kinda bad quality but here ya go

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not that bad

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She doesn’t post much but what’s good I’ll post

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I can see why you wanna fuck her

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Go on

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Thanks man, you’re a cool dude

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Next one coming up is probably best one

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Would love to fuck her aswell

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i have toooo many to post so heres a random one

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dont stop

Got kik?

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Let me see what else I can find. I can try to screen record these small clips from her IG but don’t know how to crop or upload here

i dont have kik

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Go on

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no kik

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great tits

I wanna fuck the shit out of my boss

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fuck more

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Gets me hard every time just imagine her gagging on a dick

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If she only knew how many loads I’ve blown to her pics

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one of my best friends for years. ive blown easily 2k loads to her

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Wanna just rape her doggy and jizz all over her face and tits miss dancing with her

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Have you ever sniffed her used panties?

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WOuld love to fuck her silly

Lil Bailey

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I reckon you could fit 3k loads across that 5head

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mhmm i think ur right. she has a big head and curvy everything else. those lips and eyes make me bust hard every time

Like her?
Damn I miss her always put her ass on my dick when we danced

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Go on

Absolutely. I day dream about fucking her every now and then at work, mostly on days when she looks good as hell. Funny cause she always catches me with my head in the clouds lol if only she knew

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Great story

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what a tease

how is she your boss? she looks too way too young

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Oooo she’s is always would tease to me and other guys I would just want to fuck her silly one time

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doesn't take much to be a be a boss at my job tbh.

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