My roomate has a super hot gf and hes asleep rn...

My roomate has a super hot gf and hes asleep rn, im about to take his phone off his night stand since i learned his passcode today and steal dem nudes, wish we luck and drop tips for me below rn. we are in a dorm room

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Good luck my dude

Following for update

i female friend of mine slept over the other night and he phone was unlocked... it was a fucking gold mine. a nude pic of her AND HER HOTTER FRIEND. ill post them while im waitin to make my move

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Do it lad

More of her ?
And good luck



May the force be with you

thread has potential

I'm guessing the tall one is the hotter friend? Fucking nice

It 2 fucking thirty here
Let go w the nudes already

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Where you from mate!

Any luck ??

Godspeed brother

You must feel so sad that instead of having a gf yourself you have to resort to stealing pics of his gf. Tisk tisk. I'd shed a tear for for you, but this level of patheticism deserves no pity.


Is one of these hoes the girlfriend?

You got caught didn't you? Now your begging for forgiveness and your roomate it making you slap yourself.

Bro let’s see

Hot af

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Those tits are amazing
Worth it


Got kik or discord?


What’s your kik? Vola room??

Make a mega


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Hot damn got some full body nudes


~You are a niggerfaggot

What does she look like though?

are you new here faggot?

it doesn't have anything to do with having a gf, you dont know the high of fapping at stolen goods for the first time

its wrong, its criminal and it gets our dicks real hard, its amazing

youre too pure for this bread user

Fucking OP doing God's Work!!! OP If you read this add Dontfeedthedeer on kik! I'll pay you for more!

Kill yourself, I hope your roommate catches you and kicks you the fuck out and kicks your ass.

kill yourself first you self-righteous faggot cunt

fucking queen, shut up

Tits or gtfo roastie

this is awesome. Def going to have to try this with my sister when she moves back in

no youre awesome bro, do it, and good luck!

Damn nice bro, been trying to do this with my sis's phone but still can't get her pin and seldom she leaves her phone alone.

do the world a favor and die

Yes, I am self-righteous in this situation.
I'd never do this kind of shit to people that may actually trust me, making me a lot better than all of you.

you got kik?

So true...nothing gets me off more than real pussy than a picture of a girl that would never have anything to do with me.

I'm all for stolen pics but your logic makes you sound like an incel faggot.

inb4 roomie beats his ass or he larps roomie catching him and either beating his ass or sharing the gf with him

Post more ffs. Don't make us wait

Kinda agree with this guy, this sad and creepy as hell. Imagine you had a girlfriend and your friend did this... Well imagine you had a girlfriend... at least


I did this to my friend. His gf is just a super average 35 yr old mom. Wasn’t worth it.

Lol I hope you get prosecuted to the full extent of the law after he beats your stupid ass

Lmao some of these people dont care because they never had a gf so they wouldn’t know the feeling

Soo...nice one Elon.

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Hope someone does the same to whatever whale dates you

women are worthless

Yeah, I think I would beat the shit out of anyone who did this to me lol

Damn, you really have given up on getting a gf

I feel sorry for you for feeling that way.

They did, actually.

Post moar fuck them hoes


do eet
oh shizzz

Nobody even wants you here, we already have tits. Bugger off, roast beef.

How dare you speak to a lady that way you miscreant.

What if it's a Ma'am

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man deaf people really have a way with words. No mincing about in that description.

Sometimes I wish I was deaf too. Like when I have to listen to the zoomer sorry excuse they use to call music.

This entire thread, and all who supported, shall be condemned to the darkest depths of Hilary Clinton's pussy and anus.