Would you dare wrestle her? She is 6’5 btw

Would you dare wrestle her? She is 6’5 btw.

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Yep. I'd even enjoy losing.


She is so strong that all she has to do is lye down

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She has the body of a female trump

Her leg is bigger than skinny bitches body

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“Say that again and I’m farting on your face cuck, now while I’m smashing you”

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Me too bro, me too.

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what's her name?

Bunny glamazon.. believe it or not I’ve Been fapping to her since like 2012

Attack from rear and go for choke hold and hang on until she drops

Why the fuck is she so fat here and muscular in all the other pics

That ain’t gunna happen. Not possible

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Please do

Old pics? Idk

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She is HUGE!

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The muscular pics were the mid 70s, the fat pics were the mid 90s. Who knew, muscles turn to fat.

Muscles don't turn to fat.


You fucking retard.