Please I gotta know who this goddess is only one I got :(

Please I gotta know who this goddess is only one I got :(

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Celine centino

You fucking retarded cumbrain kill yourself

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I literally just right clicked the image and hit "Search Google for image" and it immediately told me exactly who she was.

Like fucking Christ learn how to internet, reverse image searches have been a thing for a long goddamn time, it isn't fucking 1997 anymore.

Public Instagram haha damn

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Your cock is the same colour as a used cigarette butt

>used cigarette butt
As opposed to what? How can you even have an unused cigarette butt?

This guy is using cheat codes from 1997 gaming on his dick

Because the filter is white before it is used and then when you’ve smoked the cigarette it’s a shit brown colour like that cock up there you fucking retarded dead shit.

It's not considered a fucking cigarette butt until it's been fucking smoked before that it's just an entire cigarette or just the filter specifically, a cigarette butt is the used filter with whatever is left of the rest of the fucking cigarette.

You guys are buttheads.

So if you cut off the butt what is it then? Your logic is fucking nig nog level and you’re trying to be smart. Fuck your life must be utter dog shit.

Then that's the filter not the butt you absolute tard.

You guys like my orange stained cock?

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Look I know you’re upset about your rank cock but there’s no need to take it out on me by segmenting the mechanics of cigarettes. You could be using this time to fix your shit stained Weiner

>Ugly fake tits.
>Slathered-on makeup.

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This was really easy to find. Do some searching yourself before you beg for more.

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Show me her penis or else I'm not interested


Lol the guy you're responding to wasn't even me, the guy who originally questioned your cigarette butt nonsense, who is also not the guy that posted the dick pic.

Sucks to suck, faggot.

Also you can't cut the "butt" off, you can cut the filter off. Filter is not a synonymous term with butt.

Also this is now a cigarette thread.