Soup b

Soup b
Shitpost thread. Everything is off topic.
>There will be pepe

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Why does he have two sideways hats like a homeless samurai?

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>Peter Stop, STOP! Its me. I've been down Peter, really down you know? When I was a young man, both my parents we're killed by a pack of wild niggers. It hurt me Peter, it blackpilled me on what this world will do to you if you let it. That's why I paid that grape-smasher to take out your Uncle Ben. He and I go way back Peter, did he ever tell you that? He told me if he were ever to get mugged and shot, that he knew it would be by some jungle monkey, and I could see the fear in his eyes Peter, I didn't want you to go through the same tragic loss as I did.
>But then Peter, something changed inside me, some inexplicably rage-driven inquisitive behavior that made me realize that it's not the niggers ruining this country, NO PETER, LISTEN! When the burden of knowing that coons aren't just estrogen filled city-macaques was lifted off my shoulders, it opened my eyes to the true evils plaguing us.

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>It's the Jews Peter, I know that you know it is TRUE deep down. You thought it was the Jews who gave you you're powers, with all their wealth and genetic research labs? Trying to alter the human genome for superabilities? Wrong Peter. That lab you visited with my son was entirely dedicated to fixing inbred defect in the Ashkenazi's blood line. Your powers are something much more special Peter, think about it. The ability to swing from buildings like an ape, the power to climb walls and escape from the police, the precognitive sense to detect welfare payments. It all leads to a single conclusion Peter, you have the power of the legendary Negro. I envy you Peter, if I had more time I would love to study you and replicate your abilities in a million other white meta-men like yourself, but alas I'm impaled.
>You don't believe me? Why do you think I built that gas chamber at my lab Peter? It sure wasn't to gas niggers, you know just as well as I do that they're immune to Zyclon B. But anyways, the Niggers Peter, you have to finish my work and join with them. I've got contacts in dozens of BLM cells across the state, you can bridge the final gap Peter, YOU are the missing piece. Once the niggers see that a white man has every power they do in augmented form, they'll worship you Peter. I know you're angry, you want to smash something and loot a TV shop, I understand.
>I've always been a Father to you Peter, will you unite the races, and be a son to me?
>also Peter, don't tell Harry

...what did Raimi mean by this??

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Soo...nice one Elon.

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Im bringing it back

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Goodnight/Good day, faggots.
Eat a bag of dicks.

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:) well played user.

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Wow....fucked up....

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It was a cry for help

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But in your gut you know hes nuts