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why do furries like having so much hardcore drug-fueled sex with actual real life animals??? asking for a friend.

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The same reason you were raped as a kid, because they could and you were there

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shut up meg

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Just telling you for a friend

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real animals are not for sexual

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wat dude

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>asking for a friend.
Being told to you for a friend

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dude that pedo shit is totally creeping me out. Like who is seriously attracted to little fucking kids, weird.

then go to pornhub.

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>is totally creeping me out

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Soo...nice one Elon.

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he's the cub poster

Attached: 1446065014399.png (1280x957, 798K)

thats all he does, retype what you typed like an autist lmao

yeah its both shit

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real porn is gross and exploitative

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make your own thread please

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>you typed like an autist

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what the fuck are you doing, neck yourself also,

wat dude

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>the fuck are you doing
>also neck yourself

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people always come by these threads to post something objectionable, it's mostly a form of attention seeking

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Attached: 2918645 - Lilo_and_Stitch Mertle_Edmonds pears.png (851x1247, 613K)

yeah true but its still creepy... and coming from me that should tell you something is seriously wrong with ur life

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I guess south korea banned imagefap

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>still creepy...

Attached: 2996796 - Angelica_Pickles Rugrats hoshime.png (1219x1556, 914K)

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isn't all porn banned in south korea? Along with motorcycles.

Attached: 1575828146596.jpg (331x351, 18K)

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Attached: 1554926409785.gif (434x313, 1.99M)

Pretty sure it is, at least supposed to be.

Motorcylces are legal but can't be driven on highways

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what a gay country. Even worse than america. I wish I was born in canada or switzerland or some shit. Cuz bestiality is legal in canada now.

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>Cuz bestiality is legal in canada

Attached: 3242038 - Lilo_Pelekai Lilo_and_Stitch mbhen114.jpg (1305x1740, 436K)

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ok retard, whatever you say

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>Cuz bestiality is legal in canada

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Cuz bestiality is legal in canada

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jesus this thread sucks so mnuch

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Attached: 1542960872035.jpg (1167x1536, 1.21M)

its so bad

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>sucks so mnuch

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do you not know how to hide posts?

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ill leave you to the repetitive pedo. Have fun i guess

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>so bad

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>hide post

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> Have fun i guess

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36G or 38DDDD... hmmm

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