Dick rate thread

dick rate thread

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m18 snap @compa_chorizon

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Kinda small but not too small for fun, little too hairy for me. 6/10

Looks great overall. 8.5/10

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Looks good to me, perfect length for blowjobs and girth for anal. 7.5/10

Hard to tell with the angle and lighting, but looks like a good time. 7/10



Hello there

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No kik...first time ever posting...i was just feeling a bit naughty


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Oof amazing, a little hairy for my tastes but hey thats just a preference. 9/10

Amazing, would do anything you said! 9/10

Thanks gay user

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Nah, small, fatty, bent. 3/10

Looks fucking tasty. 6.5/10

No complaints but its not making me salivate. 6/10

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Cut fag reporting in. Just leaving for work no time to get hard.

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I wanna suck so bad

Make a kik

If you're near me ill suck that thing all day. Philly PA

kik me i want to see more Jaguaren1


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heres mine what do u think

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Soo...he was behind that?

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Really very good 10/10 like most just most just showing it off


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Is mine substantial enough

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bro you should get that checked

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Go away faggot

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Hell yeah it is! Would give it a 10. Could enjoy having some fun with it

Exercise your legs faggot

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Kik ?

dicklet reporting in

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10/10 would spend entire lifetime licking asshole, balls and sucking cum out of them.

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