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It’s a puma

Fight it


Jesus Hotdog Christ, Doge looks like shit in this photo.

People still browse with Lynx?

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Years ago I knew a guy with one of those as a pet. It wasn't until I moved away, years later, I found out that it was an actual lynx, not a hybrid, not a lookalike breed, a lynx. I played with that motherfucker like I was playing with an over-sized cat. I did not know I was playing with a wild animal. I would have never entered that home if I knew.

>Ia puma
It's a Compaq faggot

I had that same Compaq PC.

It´s clearly a furry

Goodboi *kissy kissy*

To think that all that time, you had it mis-cat-egorized.

I've been considering getting a Caracal. I may after my boy passes away (which I hope isn't for years still)

Why does he remind me of my own cat?

This specific breed is a Caracal. Full grown they are the size of a medium sized dog. Holding one, they will be as long or longer than your torso. Their legs are over a foot long.

Because, as they say, pussy is pussy.

enjoy having your furniture completely destroyed

Caracals are my favorite animal. Thanks OP

A master is out!

Am i doing it right?

Caracals always seemed like a vexatious pet. but that are so pretty.

That thing would make a decent pillow.


Better to ignore it



Caracals are pretty cool. Today OP was not a fag.

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It's a bobcat. See the tufts at the tips of the ears? Pumas (also called cougars or mountain lions) don't have those.

No, that's a computer

>played with it
>nothing happened
>I would have never entered that home if I knew
you are a massive pussy

i thought it was a lynx

If this isn't your idea of the perfect housecat then fuck you.