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fact is niggers are slaves

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There's no such thing as a heterosexual black man, kek. You enjoy fucking men.

you're a fag for bumping the thread
learn to sage, cuck

Youu just bumped it too because it hurt too much to keep your stupid fucking opinion to yourself, good job, fucking cuck.

>non blacks
lmao insecure incels bumping my thread

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difference is I have actual OC

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>Highest disease, drug, and crime rate but the best you can do to brag is call yourself a homosexual

Now THAT'S coping on your part.

niggers were our slaves cause they're weak ass faggots

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do you not understand the one doing the fucking is the dom and the one getting fucked is the sub? you don't understand sexual dynamics at all. stop making white guys look bad you faggot

That's so hot, more

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Either is gay, you fucking brainwashed faggot. Who cares what's dom or sub, you fucking idiots have normalized fucking a man's asshole to the point that it's become a competition. Fucking homos, dude.

You always spam that same pic, I doubt its oc.

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Non blacks are not real men, fucking them aint gay

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it literally is
here's my xtube, bitch

women care. women see the top as strong and the bottom as weak you stupid Christcuck

So hot


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kill yourself you disgusting nigger loving fag scum

Nah its because other blacks sold them to you & because you stole gunpowder from the chinese

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Yes they are, what they AREN'T is real women. That goes for either of you tranfaggots and you tranfag orbiters.

Christcuck because I'm not so obsessed with cock that it has has taken over my brain and thinking process? Kill yourself, you idiot, don't pretend you care about chicks when you know that all you care about is fucking trannies.

blah blah blah niggers are cotton picking slaves and we raped them so much they're 20% white LMFAO

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you are obsessed with cock that's why you're in this thread cause you're a closet bottom nigger loving disgrace
im here to counterat
you're just hear to bitch and whine and bump the thread like the nigger dick sucking faggot cuck you are

You faggots are all speds, you're just as bad as logposters. I think it's very important to remind you that your only purpose in life is bragging about fucking men with fake tits. You're a fucking moron, definitely, you queers aren't even the one's doing the fucking. You're just saving pictures of other people fucking to spam and pretend like interracial sex of all types hasn't always existed and will continue to. The people producing the bullshit are making money off of you faggots who have literally turned fucking dudes into a sport. Kek, kys, worthless degenerate.

okay closet faggot
you're as gay as Ted Haggard, Christfag
that's why you clicked on the thread and never sage

You didn't sage either so by your logic you just love cock, better yet, anyone that's ever called a logposter a faggot is now a logposter. Your logic is retarded, cope harder, homo.

We are fucking you and your women now witeboi

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They are sissies neither men nor women

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Fuck it, dude. You guys do what you do, can't squeeze any logic into you LGBTfags

you fuck no one hapa dicklet

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Last two femboys I fucked were black. Befire the dick reveal, they looked like hotties.

can you learn to sage you cuckold Christfaggot or are you too fucking retarded? for someone who claims to hate fag shit you sure love pics of niggers fucking white men up the ass being bumped to the top page, closet case

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Women will be grossed out over two faggots fucking, they will not find the top hot for fucking a sub dude, they will see him as a faggot.

I don't even believe in god you fucking queer, everything that doesn't like cock is a christfag to you? You're actually a fucking idiot, no wonder your LGBT dream team has turn America to fucking waste.

And I don't get a fuck how many other people see this shitty cuck thread, retard. As long as I get the satisfaction of calling you idiots irrational faggots.

Are you fapping to it?

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No, I'm calling you a faggot. Both of my hands would be too busy for that.

Niggers aren't even fully human, faggot.