Is wild boar really as good as Obelix implys?

Is wild boar really as good as Obelix implys?

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not sure about wild boar, but boar sausage is really not something I enjoyed trying

Pussy. Boar (wild or tame) is some of the best meat

>t. I have autism and it makes me scared of anything that isn't hotdogs, pizza, or tendies.

pork of any kind is a very rich flavour, if you're used to mass-produced bacon and sausages with bread filler, some hand-made boar sausages are going to be sickly sweet and strongly flavoured. I probably wouldn't like them either unless they were flavoured with herbs and garlic and stuff.
I don't like pure pork sausages either, they need to have spices or mixed with beef or something.

>bread filler
dasfuck is wrong with you people?!

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The typically fine bratwurst in Germany is cut with cheap shit that just binds water too, that's why they taste so disgusting and have a sponge like structure
>German industrial food is the worst food in europe actually, aside from the British maybe
The fresh grobe bratwurst is made from real meat tho

Only reason to go near Texas is for a bit of boar hunting and bring back a few bags of meat

Eating meat is evil and immoral because you have to murder animals in order to eat them.

i dont know, is normal pig as good as anyone implies?

you can make average meat taste amazing and ruin an absolute prime piece of animal.
it depends on the skill of the chef.

my brother regularly shoots deer and boar and when its well hung and seasoned its some of the best stuff i have eaten.

Dubs of truth, based and culinary pilled

Wild boar is delicious. If female. If Male, you gotta clip its nuts and keep ther boat in a pen (or come back for it later) for a bit to make it taste less gamey

You can ruin every food but making something amazing out of mediocre ingredients is just not possible
Yes you can marinate that shit cut, or you can slow cook it so it gets soft and the shit texture goes away, but it'll never be nearly as good as the same recipe with good ingredients


depends on the age. hunters prefer to shoot bigger pigs. those are chewy as fuck. needs to cook very long. do a 8h goulash or something. very young pigs are great on the grill though

of course, highest quality demands best ingredients.
im just saying, if you had local butcher dry aged steaks and essentially burn them to a piece of leather belt and compare that to some Lidl steaks perfectly seasoned, medium-rare to rare...
just wanted to say that you can easily ruin even the best ingredients

>The typically fine bratwurst
what you are talking about isnt wurst. its our way of making scraps palatable so welfare niggers can afford to eat meat.
there are over 1500 different kinds of sausages in germany so why would anyone decide to eat this shit tier kind?

you can buy meat from the same animal species and the one that just costs 5 bucks more will taste extremely better. the most deciding factors seem to be how it fast fed and how old it was when it died.
e.g. cheap chicken breats tastes like gum and is absolutely disgusting. but if you just pay some bucks more and buy it from and organic farm it tastes so fucking amazing. or even better from some friend who has a farm and raises chicken who eat insects/corn/grass etc.

because germans have no food culture and don´t care at all. buy the cheapest shit they can pick up at aldi. glad they got more middle easterners now. they actually care what they put in their bodies.

>germans have no food culture
lmao imagine believing this. germans have one of the most diverse diets on earth. you just don't see it because they cook at home with their families and friends and not in front of your eyes.
if you go into a german supermarket you will literally find everything you could ever want.

>because germans have no food culture

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>why would anyone decide to eat this shit tier kind?
Its what gets sold on every shitty bratwurst shack
Its what gets sold in every supermarket
Its what the typical alman sees as good bratwurst
Stupid ass fucks think its a sign of quality that the meat lost all texture from beimg shredded into liquid, and they think the shitty spices that overpower the shitty aroma of their shitmeat that is Nürnberger rostbratwurst is tasty

oh i see. you are poor. sorry. didnt know :(

>middle easterners now. they actually care what they put in their bodies.
Lol you ever been to a Turkish supermarket?
Everything there is full of flavor enhancers and conservation agents
These stupid fucks only care about their animals getting slaughtered as painful as possible far away from every pig
Also all they drink is soda

I don't eat that shit, but it is what gets eaten by most, even wealthy people
They don't care about quality, they just want cheap stuff
On the winter market they want 4 bucks for such a shitwurst, that's not cheap at all

You know shit about german food.
You just prooved.

Germans make the best sausage in the world. By far.

Soo...he was behind that?

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>that's not cheap at all
yes it is

You don't know shit about German food
There are some butcher that really know what they are doing but those get few and fewer
Most sausages, easily over 90%, are made industrial in absolute shit quality
>4 bucks for 200grams of pigmcnugget slurry

>Germans make the best sausage in the world. By far.
Polish sausage is better.

>4 bucks for 200grams of pigmcnugget slurry
>smallest mcnuggets of mc d is 104g and costs 3.99
yes its cheap

>Polish sausage is better.
nope. but equally delicious.

Yes, wild pork is fucking amazing.
I worked with some Tongan guys recently and they had a pigs head for lunch one day. Convinced me to try the meat around it’s jaw.
Now I’m not sure if it’s how they prepared it, or if it’s that part of the pig, but seriously best bit of pork in my life. And it’s common as where I live, so I’m qualified to comment. Normally the dogs get the head to chew on, they must have known the hunter.

>eating mc donalds
A real connoisseur of German fast food cuisine would compare to a 4,50 döner kebap

Imagine living in Germany and

>not buying sausage and other meat at your local butcher
>not knowing the joy of choosing the animal that gets slaughtered personally at your local farm
>not having at least one friend who is associated with the local farmer to get you fresh and high grade produce at laughable prices
>not having a whole roast boar for your parties for just 20 bucks

German food is nutrious, healthy and tastes great. Middle eastern food is made from the stuff a german would throw to the pigs.

So shut your whore mouth cunt, noone cares that your mom only gave you money for one cheesburger you fat disgusting nigger-tier piece of garbage.

I 2nd Polish Sausage being better. Not by much, but it is better.

>he's right you know

The only sausages that are smarter than the people that make them.

was comparing the price of cheap wurst to cheap meat to make a point. obviously döner is far superior to mc fat.

No, it's better.

bad joke. funny but bad.


Boar and peccary are good if you can get them disease free.

Personally I would only get them hand reared.

As an asterix fan boars and peccary ate a lot of herbs, spices and digestive seasonings in the past(They didn't need stuffing, I suggest finding a free range than let's them eat those).

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Half of your fucking country is stolen german land and architecture.

Because you can do nothing on your own.

And you wanna tell me that your garbage sausage is better than german?

Yeah... I’m about to go to sleep and for some reason thought I’d try to trigger a Pole.
But yes, their sausages are amazing, and German food, and beer, is excellent.
Well done ze germans. You too Poland.

>likes food from that country
>must be from that country
Bloody hell you jerries are retarded, I'm glad we firebombed you with the yanks...

How does it taste? Eat that bait.
Eat it like the little slut you are nom nom nom

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Taken back, not stolen

Its non murder and u cant stop us from being heterotrophs.
its not immoral - its just not mirally virtuous. Whats morality? Why dont u force pikes to not eat other fish?

>well hung
Why r u eating dicks, faggot?


>make the game taste more lime domesticated pork
>the game

You know nothing. Boar meat isn't like pork at all. It's darker and more gamey.

>a eight

>no food culture
T. Usa

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good night, user.

>if you go into a german supermarket you will literally find everything you could ever want.
what about national dignity

U hide your faggotry in the closet well, though

>winter market
mad turk detected

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