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share or say something interesting
I beg you
Sup Forums is so fucking boring but I can't leave

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no u

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I came up with some ideas about black people
the reason they are so loud and animated and obnoxious is we as whites have trained them to behave this way to entertain us
the reason many black men are physically fit naturally is due to ideal slaves being selected for work thus creating a gene pool representing these chosen blacks
we did it to them and now we must suffer the consequences
also just want to add this is not a thread about racism but I just wanted to share these ideas

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if anyone has a topic for discussion let's hear it
I've had some very interesting exchanges with people here and that's so uncommon now

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I am disappoint is still up.

he never found hopkin green frog?

Guess not. New York is a big place.

if you really think about the context that's a sad story. hope Terry is doin ok

Heard Terry Epsteined himself

Don't forget how the jews convinced everyone that white girls should fuck niggers and have mudpuppies and destroy the white race. The ones that aren't kikes, I mean.

He's fine, went on to play professional wallball

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So many people these days are too judgemental. I can tell just by looking at them

Anyone heard from the guy that listened to the same song 30,000 times? I wonder how many times he is at now...

the cia glowniggers got him I heard
and who were the first to bring blacks to the us as slaves? I know you know the answer :) never made the connection but if they're playing that long of a con then damn i cant help but be impressed
lmao I'm definitely using this

Damn you, now you got me wondering. What song was it? I cant remember. I remember it was thrash.

propr boyz doodoo poopoo kaka

Linkin Park song, wtf was it

found it on an old raddit thread. Linkin Park-In The End

Virginia Slave Laws

1640 – Blacks could not possess arms.

Now someone please explain to me how an armless nigger slave can be worth a damn for anything.

back then it was a detriment but they knew in the future armless niggers would be ideal. less capacity to commit crimes

Autism scale has a lower treshold to be diagnosed as such for men, than for women. Do u understand that? The autistic screeching of whores is considered normal, to some degree.
i hate women
>inb4 incel
i hate every1 having any more power than i do. Being-fertile-once-a-month-ass deficit-good-ass bitches

stop smoking weed

Psst...hey kid...

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lol I remember ordering ferrofluid from them so long ago

Alright - ill go start 1st

I already stopped smoking weed