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discord gg polgbt
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Pathetic weak men are meant to suffer when females reject them. Ever notice how weak Sup Forumstards and Sup Forumslacks always complain about modern women being assholes? It's because you're destined to be a sissy slave. Take the pink pill but unironically.

We are looking for:
>cute boys aged 16-18
>virgins aged 18-22

Your hormone therapy will start quickly and we will help you pay for initial intakes.

What we promise:
>increased happiness immediately
>loving and caring boyfriends or dominatrixes
>emotional support

If you do end your therapy at some point, we won't be on your side.

So if you're weak, depressed and rejected by females, join us and we'll help you find happiness.

Join the server and contact Boner Donor#0420 to start your HRT.

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One of our user's progress in 5 months.

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Disgusting degenerates. I'll fuck you up.

Fuck you. You target natsoc people. Let's raid these faggots

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this is the new Sup Forums folks

hi this is /polgbt/

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Yeah fuck off.

Black niggers

am I cute?

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This is their admin #1

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all discordniggers need to hang

Admin #2

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This is the owner, Boner Donor

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I used to be a lonely incel who orbited e-girls. They’d always reject me when I’d try to get romantic with them too, no matter how much time and effort I put into befriending them. I was always miserable, always cooming to porn stars who looked like my favorite e-girl, then feeling empty inside afterwards.
Then Boner Donor offered me the pink pill. The sad truth is, some men are weak; I was a weak man. They told me it’d get better if I just accepted that I’m a sissy. Now I have a boyfriend who emotionally supports me and I get the positive sexual attention I’ve always wanted -- Boner was right, weak men should become traps. I’ve never been happier.
Weak men should become traps.

if i was that ugly i would probably resort to depressed losers on Sup Forums as well

kys already

Get trratment.


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Do I pass?

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that's an ugly ass tranny

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Join the 43% alrdy

Couldnt agree more, any guys with small cocks should just get on HRT, after a few months you'll be able to please any alpha male.

The first time you feel a real man empty his balls inside you, you'll know you made the right choice.

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