I need help finding a firearm expressly for suicide in Oregon. I’m a felon so I can’t normally buy one...

I need help finding a firearm expressly for suicide in Oregon. I’m a felon so I can’t normally buy one. Are there any obscure loopholes I can use? If not, can someone give me any leads as to how to track one down on the black market. I plan on offing myself after the holidays so I don’t ruin that time for my family at least, but it’s time to go.

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What fuckuperie landed you in prison ?

There are free ways to die. Its a lot easier than you think.

Even a guy who's unarmed with both his hands up in the air on his knees was able to get shot and die.

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I don’t like heights at all and dont want to die terrified. I don’t have a car for carbon monoxide or ramming into something. Ingesting anything has a low mortality rate.

I don’t want to chance getting arrested. That, to me, would be much worse.

Arson in the 1st degree. 3 counts.

Surely you're gonna be surprise by this answer but seriously OP don't do it

Don't take that coward way to the exit door and keep sitting at the table for another round

And were there ever deaths related to the fires you started ?

Look up how to make a pipe shotgun. It's a few dollars worth of hardware store shit, and it will fire a 12 gauge buckshot round no problem

Gun show loopholes, fertilizer boom boom, etc

make a wish to santa

Remind me what happened here?
Saw it ages ago.

>Gun show loopholes
Quite literally no such thing

does not sound particularly determined to die
maybe you are just satisfied with the fantasy

banging a gram of fentanyl is a pretty peaceful way to go...... thats how I have always fantasized about doing it. With that being said though..... prison isn't really so bad.... especially the feds. Its still a life worth living.

Gung-ho cop with assault rifle was trying to arrest this drunk guy at gun point, kept telling him to lay down and go through the motions, but drunk guy wasn't doing everything the slave driver wanted. The drunk guys hands went down for a split second and the cop unleashed a full mag into him.


in Texas at a gun show a private seller (not a dealer) can sell a non-NFA gun to another person, the seller's only responsibility is to check that the buyer's over 21 (pistol) or 18 (rifle/shotgun). No background check required. So there definitely is "such thing."

I’m so fucked if I ever go to US.
Messy drunk... good as dead.

Just jump off something tall you idiot

The point is, OP wants to off himself, but too poor or even too dumb to get himself killed like that poor sap.
Like I said, its easy as fuck to get shot up.

Can u send pics of your credit card?

At every gun show a private seller can sell a firearm to another citizen. Just like I can sell a gun to my neighbor. Or some guy on craigslist. That's not a loophole. That's how the law was written.

please get help OP

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Fuck off

Use alcohol and pills, a noose works too fag

Dying of a heroin overdose is probably the most pleasant way to die. Your family can have an open casket funeral. Just remember that there is no afterlife.

don't fuck up gun rights for the rest of us, you retard.

A private sale at a gun show doesn't make a loophole of the gun-show. Fucker could do the same thing at a gas station, does that make it a gas station loop hole?

Trips of truth.

>Just remember that there is no afterlife.
only if you kill yourself. that's the punishment for getting off the ride early. otherwise it's eternal joy.

Pipe shotgun

>Just remember that there is no afterlife
How do you know?

OP, even a felon can buy a realistic looking airsoft gun. Just pry off the bright orange bits and make it look like the real thing. From there it's easy to figure out how to an hero with law enforcement's help.


>>Just remember that there is no afterlife
>How do you know?
Just imagine believing there is no afterlife and than after you kys you wake up in front of God and you know your soul will be sentenced to eternal hell.. fuck bro..

all you need is a pipe a nail and shotgun shell

Imagine thinking illiterate shepherds in the desert understand the universe better than we do.

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Soo...he was behind that?

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fuck off don't fuck up muh gun statistics

Your argument is invalid. One of these things must be true:

Option 1: There is no god. Go ahead and kys, makes no difference.
Option 2: There is a just god. He will understand why you killed yourself and not punish you for it.
Option 3: There is a god who is not just. He will not give a fuck about your circumstance regardless and there are high odds you were gonna go to hell anyway for any BS reason he chooses.

also your lying you need a permit for pistols
even in private sales

Everything else aside, thats not a loophole.


Just score some smack and OD - *WAY* more pleasant and painless way to die.

cOnTrOlLiNg gUnS oNlY hUrTs LegAl UsErS

Good luck finding a stranger willing to commit a felony to sell you a gun. It's not as easy as buying drugs is it? This whole thread is proof that gun control works.

Op being retarded doesn't mean everyone is.

>OP being an idiot means gun control works
That's a bad look user.

"Hands in the air" is a funny way of saying reaching for his wasteband

Read the bible, you ware warned, killing yourself has no excuse.

>Imagine thinking illiterate shepherds in the desert understand the universe better than we do.

>There was nothing
And from nothing something appeared
>That something blew up
>Created everything


Brailsford was reinstated to the department in August 2018, then over a month later was granted retirement on medical grounds, as well as a pension.
Retired at 28, how do I get away with murder and get paid $5k for the rest of my life. Talk about 100 in luck.

You will ruin things for your family anyway if you kys. I wouldn't know since I'm not one myself but they say that parents handle really badly deaths of their children. So if you really care about them then you will just have to embrace the suck.

>magic grandpa in the sky made everything

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Dude, please don’t kill yourself. It doesn’t matter when you do it; it will permanently hurt the people you care about. Plus, your life can get better. Here, please call this hotline: 18002738255

nice try nigger, you aint getting a gun, fucking just go to the city, and get up on at least a 6 story building's roof and jump off. supper fucking easy, don't be a pussy you little faggot nigger!

Jesus did it. He knew he was gonna be betrayed and walked right into it. What's the difference between that and jumping off a roof knowing what it will do.

If I was Christian, and I was a believer, I'd walk into traffic, work on electric without shutting it off. Why would I wanna be in this faggy gay earth where when one "accident" send ya to heaven.

Try pulling that "he knows what's in your heart" bullshit. If a person is suicidal but dies by accident, he thrown into hell?