I use "they/them" pronouns. :)

I use "they/them" pronouns. :)

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that's nice

You should use "Soap/Shampoo" in the shower too.

My Pronouns are No and Thank_you


Merriam-Webster would be proud.

Hello, kill yourself

Wtf is that thing?

kill yourself please

I am a gender fluid person, born female. :)
Feel free to ask any more questions.

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why are you still alive?

I don't anymore, he blessed me with his wisdom

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May I fuck you? What pleases you?

I don't want to have sex, i'm too shy and awkward.

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I use Charmin toilet paper

Cool! I don't use toilet paper. :)

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Do you realize what would happen if I FUCKED you?

Soo...he was behind that?

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Are you sure you don't make this up because without that you would just be a super ugly female everyone would ignore?

You look pretty cute imo

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I know you must be struggling but it is never too late to set your shit right. You are a man. Stop this bullshit.

>Shoulder to head ratio

If i'm a man, why do i have tits?

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I have some questions :
-Why are you weak enough to be unable to accept you as you are?
-How does it feel to fit in a gender that factually doesn't exist?
-What could make you think that any of us would care about ANY of your shit here, apart from the few too mentally deranged to want to bang you?

Makes sense

You're a faggot for sure. Drink bleach.

wanna cuddle?

I speak proper English.

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yeah,gonna need proof before i call you cute, fagoot

Because you've trapped yourself into a HRT induced positive feedback loop from which you'll probably won't exit in time to fix ur shit.

ayy let me live with you ;D

Here's a fun thing to do! OwO
>Kill yourself
>Kill yourself
>Kill yourself
>Kill yourself
>Kill yourself
>Kill yourself

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>I use "they/them" pronouns. :)
it thinks it gets to choose.

Guys, i really am born female.

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hAWT why are you up so late?

>I am a gender fluid person, born female. :)
>Feel free to ask any more questions.

No you're not. You're just a social outcast using some identity you found on Tumblr to clasp onto because you think it gives you some sort of place and purpose in the world because you were probably bullied/rejected your entire life and now this is your identity that you and your ilk use to bully your way into the spotlight screaming about how marginalized and victimized you are, yet you do nothing to improve yourself and nothing to be "attractive" in society. Every injustice that has happened to you, in your mind, is the fault of either society or some perpetrator who told you no. Get the fuck off your high horse and mold yourself into society instead of playing stupid fantasy games about your gender that no one, except you and a few deranged losers, give a flying fuck about. Society doesn't need you and pathetic Tumblrites to wallow around about your made up choices to choose a fucking gender based on the lunar phases. Society needs you to fucking contribute. Grow the fuck up - you should've been bullied a lot harder.

You wearin silicone vagina pants or some shit?

Is this the fabled female incel?

i'm tryna holla at cha gur

This bitch is throwed and got ass this bitch got hips this bitch got thighs this bitch here fine this bitch here bad she all the way live

more please ^^


Good for you, OP.

Lots of guys will fuck you doggy, so they won't have to see your face.

Why does it bother you so much that I would only ever use pronouns such as she and her to reference you? Number 1, you know they're correct. Number 2, the only time they would be used would be in conversation with someone else of which you would be the subject. And number C, and most importantly - you can't stop me.

So why do you out yourself as such a massive niggerfaggot right from your introduction with the moronic assumption that you get to dictate how I get to speak?

idgaf id fondle those tits

Then what's your excuse for looking so shitty?

Do these exist?
>what a time to be alive.

Guud Juan

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Well you’re one person so no you don’t

We use the term Fag around here