UK slappers

UK slappers

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Any ACTUAL snappers on here?

Or just pix of FB contacts u wanna bang?

Evidence required gents.

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go on...

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Soo...he was behind that?

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Bitch needs face fucking.


Put a bag over her head first off

why do they always try to put so much shit on their face and wear clothes they should have thrown out or never brought and are too small

>niggers stole my tits M8

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She does really overdo it sometimes and just looks like a tranny
Would love to see her forced to choke on dick and left covered in cum though

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Bet she’s fine it up the shitter too

liking the 'toe on fatty
the others look like they forgot to finish dressing

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Anyone know any slags ip for this??

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Perfect ass for it

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oh fuck

Kettering slags? Late 20s


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I'm sure you can find her

Just post your favourites when you do

octav1us yes!

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Name? \ locayion

She could have my tea and crumpets...

Yo. I'd get sick from this bitch for real.

Use 2 condoms u fag

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Whats there where tits are supposed to be


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hot as fuck moar user

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sorrry only italian slapper

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not got kik keep her coming here user hot

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sexy as fuck bet shes an animal in bed user

I wish I could tell you

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Fucking got me

you not had her then user? just a random? still fit as fuck moar

Why are UK thoths so fucking ugly? What's with the horrific make-up? What the absolute fuck bongistanians. They all look like pic related.

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I’ve not, a mate has the lucky fucker

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he had a 3some with her nerdy mate too? kek

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Blackpool anyone?

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Manchester, la la la. Manchester, la la la.

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Why the long face?

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any clothed or unclothed full length pics of her user showing off her figure

Late 20s blkpool?

fucking love her

Yeah. Pity she's completely fucking nuts.

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You got any aspin?

Kek wtf is a slapper? you limey freak

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Aren't they all?

Of course. But some are more crazy.

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full frontal user

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the fuck is this shit?

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Fucking ameritards dont know what a slapper is

Your mum is prolly one by the sounds of it

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She needs to just do porn and then fuck off

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Shut you cockney retard

Essex slapper

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who you got yourself?

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