I am the 'Fairy of the Future'. Just tell me what you want to happen for you tomorrow, and I'll grant your wish

I am the 'Fairy of the Future'. Just tell me what you want to happen for you tomorrow, and I'll grant your wish.

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I wish for my brother to appologise.

I want my flights to leave on time, arrive on time and the airline to NOT give my seats to some other cunt

cute shoes

I want to win the lottery I have a ticket for

>NOT give my seats to some other cunt
That's what tickets are for. Row number, seat number.

For what?

find a job

learn how to fucking socialize

die an awesome death. one where people are going to say "well, he was a failure in life and a total cringefest, but that is totally awesome."

I want rape to be legal

I want to meet a girl who actually likes me.

I wish that the boy I've been texting will drive down to see me, or I come into enough money to take public transit there. he's like 15-45 miles away.

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Just lemme pass all my courses

I just want to feel what it’s like to be happy again.

I want to fuck a little girl.

I would like to have a small house in a white neighborhood

I wish my waifu acknowledged to me that she loves me AND ME PERSONALLY

O fairy of future please bring me happyness. Its the one thing ive been missing a long time.

Soo...he was behind that?

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Girlfriend I guess

There's no one that could bring you the happiness, every man must find peace within themselves.
Most don't and just stay angry.

Tits or GTFO.

no homo i would be so fucking good at rape natural caveman rape not that ambian pussy shit

make my innermost dream come true.

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goddamn user you just depressed me.

I genuinely hope a mod bans you. You are not even contributing to the thread at all. Stop with this stupid fucking bullshit, and go to middle school. Forced memes are shitty and will always lack the lulz that you crave. Actually looking at this post in every other thread makes me cringe if anything.

Please allow the woman I'm into to notice my message to her, see me for who I am, and realize she deeply adores me and wants a romantic relationship with me. Then from there she lets me know that and we begin a relationship that will last the rest of her and my long, happy, and healthy lives together. Thank you.

want my job back.
and everyone else's who got kicked out very recently.

I want to pass all my exams

can you give me the courage to kill myself tomorrow

I wish i was in the Philippines, had a big mention there and impregnated plenty of 12-16 year old girls.
Then, we'd all live like a big happy family.

a cute Japanese gf pls