Any other Illinois degenerates in here? 618 here

Any other Illinois degenerates in here? 618 here

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Yup. Carbondale. Lurker for 10 years

Terre Haute here, hello communist neighbors!

Muncie here Hello meth afflicted comrade

Pic related is 309 ex gf

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Elk Grove where ya at?

Quad cities!

Quit lurking and post some wins siu has ALOT to offer

any lockport?

618 a shit, you're on the wrong side of the river

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Metropolis One, checking in

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Any Mundelein???

Bumping for Chicago.

Does anyone have any north central college or ISU wins?

I have NCC. Do you have kik?

I don’t. You can email me at thebigpapasmurf69 at gmail

Sent you an email

Pontiac chat?

South side Chicago
These threads are always ass.

Midwayfag here, I feel you bro these threads always suck ass. Millions of hoes in the city and I never see any on here I know


Need Des Plaines

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Would love to see some sue Z

Anyone have cody?

just moved to Grayslake from WI, born and raised northside Chicago

815 reporting in

Belleville former Carbondale here...shame Carbondale is so fucked lately


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Anyone got anything on Beth G?

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Anyone have girls from Scott?

Kik e4091

309 Morton sluts

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Would love to chat about ISU chicks from around the 2013 grad class

Fb pics are cool too

309 reporting in

Any Pekin anons?

lemme see some 618 specifically collinsville/edwardsville/troy/highland/marine/st jacob

630 Naperville? 16-18 grad class?

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Hi there. Originally from Carrier Mills here.

SIU has been shit for years. Far fewer students than it used to have.

meanwhile, siue continues to increase enrollment.

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630. Have moar if interest

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Always interest

Moar please.

Any Joliet? Kendall?

Any villa park lombard wins?

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270 Paducah here

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Hi. Also in Paducah.

Any Paducah wins?

Any 847 Antioch lake villa grayslake?

618 here as well

Unfortunately no. How about you?