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Holy fuck never seen that one before

Taking surprise buttsex to a whole new level.

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is he ok?

obv not XD he ded AF

yea just a flesh wound


These fucking normies...

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I really want the aftermath of this.

thats hilarious
Do you have more similar videos

everytime i see this one i can not stop laughing even though i know its coming.
the universe hated this dude. lol

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9/11 footage? fukn terrorist

Thats a fucking sweet way to take off your shoes

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shouldve yell were going to die to scare everyone

focking butterfly effect?

He actually survived it.

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>> 9/11 footage? fukn terrorist

That vid was in the recent past, not something almost 18 years ago using 18 year old video technologies.

Ancient tech. You'd have to be really old to remember that.

Not even close, dude. Way to start the thread.

>being so new you cant even tell sarcasm

The guy filming must not have liked him very much

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They did died read the paper

You are full of shit faggot

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You have doodoo in your soul

>welcome to life ya little shit

You're full of shit.

Please let those drinks be hot chocolate. Or hot coffee or hot tea.

I love the cement mixer getting blown in half by the hook. It's like a measurement to see just how hard dude on the bike got hit. Especially with how fast the biker
Was going.

why even. fuck. what the fuck.. did he live in the end? agh wtf

That's some legit bad luck right there. Reminds me to appreciate this short life, it can be gone in an instant to things like this beyond my control.

Have you guys ever seen 1000 ways to die? There's some crummy luck in that series. But getting hit by a swinging hook while going down an incline has to be the worst.
Would have to be second if only because the guy didnt die right away


strike? that thing took out the whole fucking bowling alley!

jesus, that was over in a second.

youre full of shit

they shouldve just shot him through the head when they arrived
thats way more humane

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