Left or Right? and why?

Left or Right? and why?

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Left is better in every single way

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Why not both

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Left because I prefer humans SAGE

What the fuck?

left. i'm not into wookie nookie.

Honestly right for me. She's got more experience and will treat me right. Left would fuck for one night out of pity then steal my shit and leave.

Being fucking disgusting looking doesn't mean you're experienced. She doesn't even look old, she's most likely just a lazy, unhygienic, SJW.



Left, with right's hair

Probably the worst boob-job evar

Left, but not due to hair or "hygiene'
pretty close either way

Left, when you eat that pussy, no pubes tickle your nose.

obviously left
good looking skin, with a pale, delicate color
ideally sized boobs, ready for a firm grip
clean shave, with no irritation, reassuring you she takes hygene seriously
perfectly shaped ABS muscles
why the fuck would you choose dirty, unshaved, fat righty with tits looking like a fetus ran over by a T-34

In between, I like the prickly feeling when fucking this girl I know

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It's called fucking efficiency, get used to it

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Left cuz no Chewbacca

He is kinda right

Same woman, 5 years later after givin birth to at least one child.

Inb4 niggers comparing moles.

This Nigga

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Cant tell if I'm suppose to be turned on by this or if it's incredibly disgusting .

Baked niggas ma nigga ma nigga

I could almost care less about the actual act. It’s the fat, ugly, cow of a “woman” participating.

If it was a petit hottie, and not a fucking moose dropping, it would be acceptable

Except she's not disgusting looking. Pornaddicted shitheads like you are used to waxed pussies and perfect tits that you think you can insult women that dont go by your standards. She actually looks like a lot of fun. Both do in different ways.

hows all that internet porn doin for ya bud?

Right. Nice smile, looks funny, good teeth, kissable mouth. I'm gonna wax her. Left has perfect body but can't see anything of her face. Won't take the risk.

right because i'm not a fucking pedo

... its the same girl retards

Left because left has better tits. I don't mind bush but those saggy flapjacks are sad.

It's not, check the birthmarks.

what birthmarks?

The bitch has hairy armpits and saggy tits, you don't have to be addicted to porn to think that's fucking disgusting, you idiot.

Look at the tits, idiot

Left or right?

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Girl on the right has them on her tummy. One near centre line and one left to it. The girl on the left doesn't have them.

Unless she got a mole removal to go along with her waxing, then it's a different girl.

Hair can be shaved and you obviously have never seen saggy tits. Look at her pose. These tits are not saggy.

Yes, hair can be shaved but that's not the fucking question he's acting. It's about taking them as they are, those tits look disgusting and any bitch that's letting her armpit hair grow like that is most likely feminazi scum, I don't want my cock anywhere near that.

where's the guy owo

>you take them as they are

Same girl

Makeup. Photoshop.

You're just being dumb, for sure. Her areolas aren't even the same size.

Ye she shooped away those 2 marks but left the others in.

If she wants to prove a point, why not.

You dont understand the female body. It changes constantly. 2 Months between the two pictures would be enough.

Right. I prefer natural body hair.

But... but the moles and freckles.


This is the only correct answer.

Left or right?

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Makeup u tard

Thanks genius.

don't care as long as long as I cum

left or.. LEFT!

Right hairy pussy make for better creampies.

Same girl

wow thanks i wouldn't notice it