How are you?

How are you?

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I finally accepted I'm a lonely pathetic beta loser. Somehow I feel better. Day after that though. Worst work shift of my life, and it's going to get worse going into the week. Still, oddly happy somehow. Like all the conflicts in my brain suddenly subsided and I can focus on things again.

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not well

I'm glad you can atleast find some happiness friend. I'm sure you aren't as bad as you say you are... I hope the rest of your week gets better
Sorry to hear, do you want to talk about it?

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Thank you for the love user. I am speaking honestly though. I am a loser. It's not a sad thing to say anymore. It's more cathartic than anything. I can work from that and have it make sense.

You're welcome. Can I ask what makes you feel that way? I'm glad you can see a point to work from to feel better

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no, I don't talk about it, but thanks for asking.

Cool. Don’t think in terms of “beta” or “alpha” though. That model of human social interaction has been disproven, and you’re best without it bogging you down.

i constantly feel anger and sadness but i don't have balls to commit suicide

That's alright too, I hope things get better soon

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Do you want to talk about it user? I don't think suicide should ever be the answer even if it would end the suffering. You can be helped I promise

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they won't, stay safe friend.

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Sorry to hear :( I'll be around if you ever want to have someone to talk to. I wish you the best friend

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is this colbert

you can't drink with me Sup Forumsro, loneliness is hell

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No sorry
We can talk for a little bit now if you like. I'm sorry you feel lonely, I know that feeling all too well.
Do you enjoy drinking?

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Pretty miserably cold. Aside from that shit is great. What about you?

Hopefully you can stay warm. I actually love the cold a lot more than heat though so maybe you feel the same. I'm okay lately, not too bad.

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vidy don't make me happy so i drink to make games fun again

What sort of games do you like?

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o hi
this is new and odd -.-

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o..oh.. Sorry
Hey bunbun, how are you

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im in a mood to see a nurse pusspuss

That's nice I suppose

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mostly multiplayer games like world of tanks, war thunder, Borderlands sometimes cs:go

Sounds similar to me. I've been playing lots of War Thunder lately it's a lot of fun. I played cs a few years ago but I did recently play Borderlands 3 with some frens. Maybe you can try playing games with some friends to make them enjoyable again. I can't really have fun alone in games

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i guess im finally leaving.

It's a long life story, my brain can't hold off the coming booze tghat long.

I'll look into that user. I don't believe it though. Based on how we react to material social situations a hierarchy has almost always been immediately established during the occurrence.

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Do you want to talk about it
I guess I don't understand. Sorry, does drinking lots impact you negatively?

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>loneliness is hell
when I said loneliness I don't mean only gf but also friends

I'm sure you're a nice person. Maybe you could try meet some friends to play games with. You could even meet people here if you feel like it, I'm sure lots of people would like to play games with you

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Drinking is a friend. I really enjoy it. Also helps me re-evaluate things. Although, on a night before a day off. I always make merry.

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I see, maybe I just don't understand. I've only ever had alcohol once before but not enough to get drunk. I hope you drink responsibly atleast. I want you to stay safe

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>I'm sure you're a nice person
I doubt it because there must be a reason why I have no friends

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I'm sure the reason has nothing to do with that. Maybe You can try and go out of your comfort zone and meet people. This site is full of people that would play with you. I think you could even make a thread saying you just want to play a game with someone and you could meet someone nice. Happy thoughts user

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I know this OP, they're good and i like them

Hello! You know me? Do I know you.. Those words make me feel good

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I'll stay alive for quite a while longer user. Alcohol is pretty safe for me. I can drink a bottle of vodka and burn off the hangover within a few hours of waking up.

I see.. It seems like you've built your tolerance quite a bit. Do you think you need to take a break from drinking or is it okay? A bottle of Vodka seems like quite a lot to drink

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Try not to be so harsh on yourself. It's become harder to meet people these days and build bonds. It doesn't necessarily have to do anything with you but others could be anxious to make the first step in getting to know you

It's not only about games, there is no way to reverse time or change it to time when I was actualy really happy.

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If I wasn't drinking I'd be really bored and have bad headaches from the lack of alcohol. I've been cutting back recently. But I'm not gonna stop.

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Lonely, but happy to get this over with

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You know me. Good because i think you're nice, keep trying your best

I'm really sorry to hear. I hope things turn around for you. You can be happy user, I believe in you
I'm glad you've been cutting back lately. It's important it doesn't become too much of an addiction for you. I worry about that. I hope things turn out well for you
I'm sorry you feel lonely, there's plenty of people that would love to talk to you. Best ofluck with what's going on. I'm glad it's over and done with
Dubs, That's nice to hear. I'll keep trying my best. Thank you :)

I have to leave now sorry friends. Feel free to keep talking to eachother if you feel lonely. Everyone seems nice here to far. Thanks for talking to me

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What happened?

Got MS, first dose of a new medication for me, took about 5 hours, but now the IV is done

keep fight user

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Thanks man

>took about 5 hours
Do you have to do that every week or are you on a daily pill now?

I went from weekly injection in my thigh, to a pre-treatment with 2-3 hour IV every month for 3 months, and now this first new for about 5 hours. Next appointment for this is in half a year, IV then again.
Really happy to tade away the weekly injection

it's painless and without side effects?

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I'm doing fairly well. I got straight A's in calculus and physics. How are you doing?

Hey Sup Forumsro happy to hear there is a improvement for you. Hope for you it works out.

Utterly horrible. Bf left me, no job, running low on money, might have cancer (getting tested later), currently looking for a website to stream my suicide. I’m at my wits end and I have literally nothing to live for. If anyone wants to talk my discord is Zo#6095

Well these meds weaken my immune system, since MS is your body attacking your brain, in short. So I will be a bit vulnerable, at least for a while
The weekly injection was instead 1-2 days of pain and the mental annoyance of having to make a needle go into myself

Thanks man, so far so good. And it is a huge relief to not have to administer it myself

Why did your boyfriend leave you?

Because he only even talked to me so I wouldn’t kill my self

i feel sorry for you m8
i can talk with you but nothing more, if you are not bothered about broken english

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I don't have a discord and i don't want to seem like i'm pitting you but i feel for you. Hope you can pull thought it all.

yeah what a coincidence, isnt it

Still alive, I've been worse.

oh hey i think you're me.
though i never considered suicide cause it's quite silly, to be honest. worst case you have no regrets and can do whatever you want.

but anyway, no worries, it'll get better.

dont, you fucking faggot. throwing away your life is fucking stupid.
lemme find my copypasta i wrote drunk some time ago, but it captures my thoughts.

ok so here's the thing. if you're considering an heroing, then it means you literally have nothing to lose. it means you've reached the rock bottom and it cant get worse.
what that means to me is that whatever you do from now on can only make your life better for you.
if you have nothing to lose, then why the fuck dont you take a bit of a risk and try?
im sure the reason you feel like shit is because you spend 90% if not more of your day in the same places every day. be it your basement, your basement and your work + commute, etc.

just pack some shit up and go for a walk. and i mean, years of walk. travel the world. meet people. do all kinds of odd jobs, help people with this shit, that shit... just for food and/or shelter.
remember, you have nothing to lose. if things go wrong, welp, back to #1.
but have you actually thought that even if you have some tarded social anxiety, if you're considering killing yourself then... well, talking to random people isn't scary at all anymore?

just begin your journey. a journey to find yourself, you can call it. what the fuck ever. but anyway, you can take risks now. it wont be worse.

i have been cutting for the past couple of days

thanks user


you also read and again, the reason you "dont have friends" is not because there's anything wrong with you, but i know depression is a terrible bitch and you're probably not really even leaving your house much, not to mention trying to talk to people.
drink less (makes your depression worse, trust me, been there), start some physical activity (just fucking walking helps, try to walk OUTSIDE for 40 minutes+ a day at least). it'll make you feel better. it's a bitch at the beginning but... it really helps. and smiling at random people never hurts.


Well I have nothing better to do if that offer is still standing

This is good advice even if you don't want to hear it yet or think it's a bit harsh.
If you are ready to end it all why not take the chance on doing something you'd never do or give to others. What do you have to lose, you are already dead do repercussions matter. Explore the world.

with a huge chance to improve your life, too.
people realize a shitload of things when they look at what others do, how they live, what are their bonds, etc.

I will try but I not expect that something will change

it will.
at worst you'll feel better and more energetic, which will make you more likely to just go out and eventually meet people.

I will probably download pokemon go to make some sense for go out

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and that's not a bad idea, it makes you meet people too.

Not good at all,
I’m spending my days alone doing nothing, all I do is waste time and be jealous and miserable.
I’m quite pathetic.
I’m just stuck in between in life.

And everyday I ask Why must we suffer, what’s the point of all this? Did we all really exist for something? We are all gonna die or suffer more in the long run, and the future isn’t looking good for the world.

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Hi pinky
I'm great
Just finished my last exam, I'm gonna sort put a bunch of stuff here then I'm going back to my parent's place for Christmas.

Also I think I found a new BF

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undead, thank god

>Did we all really exist for something?
>And everyday I ask Why must we suffer, what’s the point of all this?
sometimes I think about this but only answer I have come up was to see next day

Hey Seras, glad to hear.
I hope you have a nice Christmas at your parents and I hope everything goes well with your new boyfriend :)

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This is another good person i like
You are supposed to be gone

are people not allowed to come back?

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
Just lurking... I feel bad not responding when people talk to me but I can't hold a proper conversation right now

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They have important things to do like doing the things they are doing
No i'm sorry. You are fine. You do you

Anything good happening on your end?

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Thank you.
Someone actually likes me?
Everybody always complains about how much I talk about gay stuff, i try not to but the rest of my life is boring.

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Dubs, nice to see you :)
Just relaxing and talking to frens. Nothing too exciting
I like you too Seras, always nice to see you

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I like you and your long posts about daily life. You never talk with me, i understand why but i like you
See me? You don't even know who me is. Poster who i like

Terrible. Got a really bad hangover from drinking 15 beers last night. My entire body is slow and i feel retarded.
The night was fun tho, so i don't regret it. Had a really nice time listening to some music with friends and watching movies

I'm having my first threesome tonight, then I have a date with a really nice guy tomoro.
We have similar interests and hes cute, hes the type of guy I want to give a big hug and never let go.

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>never talk with me
Who are you?

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Reminds me of last friday

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The way you talk to me is nice and I appreciate it.
I hope I can figure it out by the way you type but maybe not. It's nice talking to you now :)
Make sure you take it easy friend
Interesting... I hope you enjoy it. He seems nice, take good care of him :)

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I probably dont talk much with you because you dont post pics.

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Fine, thank you.
I dont like pizza

I'm married to a good woman, and have a full time job making more than minimum wage, but just feel a little down. Friends don't talk as much as we used to, don't get to hang out as often, and while I love my wife, sex life is kinda getting a little full. She's attractive still, and I still have a high sex drive, but sometimes I just don't want sex. We don't spend a lot of time together anymore either. I'm usually playing games on the computer and she is reading or napping. Last year or the year before last, I told her that I didn't think I wanted kids (she does) and it was a really low spot in our marriage for a week. She was really upset about it, first time I'd seen her break down and cry in a long time. She actually brought up is splitting since she didn't see the point in being married if we weren't going to have kids (I don't share that viewpoint tough, I don't think you have to get married just to have kids, you can simply enjoy someone else's companionship and want to share your life with them) but she hasn't mentioned it since then and it seems to have blown over but she is good at hiding get emotions and keeping things to herself. I feel like I can't be honest with hey about some stuff, because I just don't see some things as she does or like some things she does, but if told her what I think, it would hurt her feelings so I just need and go along with it. She hoards animals like her mother because they like to take in strays and try to find homes for them, but it can take a while, and sometimes she can't find homes for them. But what I honestly think it's she gets attached and didn't bother trying to find them homes, and just says she is but actually isn't. Our house is small, and I pay for it entirely, she's never paid one cent towards it, which is fine since I make more than her it's my responsibility, and I agreed to it, but it makes living there miserable. I have all my stuff in one small room, and spend most of my time there, eating too, because -


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