I grow plants. AMA

I grow plants. AMA

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What kind of plants do you grow?

Is this a personal project or a business endeavor?

What strains and what is your grow medium?

Herbaceous photoperiod plants with an insatiable hunger for light yet sensitive to heat. Plants that thrive at high altitude and a lot of wind

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Trim better faggot. Where's your flower room.

personal, i dont sell
rdwc water chilled hydro
ask 10 people how much to defoliate youll get 10 different answers. I kept in the middle by keeping the leaves that arent blocking any tops

Have you considered growing mushrooms, have you even tried them?

ive tried a light dose 1.5 grams and had an amazing time, ill one day do a breakthrough. and ill grow it myself, yeah its not too hard from what i see

How long did you leave them in veg before switching to flower? Assuming they arent autoflower.

I'm growing Gelato by king crop seeds, vegged for a month which is a little long but i mainlined them, next cycle ill do a three week veg period and top one time less and let two branches take the tops place

those some weird fucking looking plants, stems are so so thick for such tiny plants.

I've grown them before, quite easy and low power compared to what you're doing. I'm now going to grow non-psych mushrooms, turns out there are many mushrooms that just taste great.
Do you grow weed for medical or recreational purposes?


out of all the seeds youve tried, which strain has had the best calyx to leaf ratio?
looking for something that produces huge calyxes and has minimal leaf growth during flowering

plants are mainlined to have 8 main stems where they also produce secondary branches, smaller brances are whispy because they were not getting light, this is my third defoliating and likely the last as to not stress the plant. this is what it looked like right before i trimmed it

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What do you grow?

how do I get started?

What do you do with plants?

I grow plants too.

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Who grows plants?

AND I grow these :)

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How are you getting 4 heads like that? Is it just skilled topping or is it easier with some breeds?

>Cutting the leaves off
I dare you to grind the leaves in a blender and bake a cake with them.
Eat it too if you want to like, go beyond death


I top the plants twice. Once at 3rd node and then again at 5th node when the new growth comes in. I defoliate often and I strip all lower foliage.

Must make trimming easy. Do you run PGRs?

>Not living where you can grow outdoors and as much as sextuple your yield and potency
nice plants though
Pretty and healthy girls


I have one in at the moment that's 204cm tall. Outdoors is the way boys.


No PGRs.

And yes, trimming is MUCH easier come harvest.

Start reading. Check out shroomery dot org as well.

Outdoor sucks. You will never achieve the quality that you can with a controlled indoor grow.

Good man

Do you grow anything else or just this to feed your addiction?

Those are some weird looking tomato plants

How much does the lighting setup cost you? Upfront+maintenance+electricity

Can you send me some?

HPS sucks, if it's personal use why are you growing with hps?

This is COMPLETE bullshit

The benefits to growing indoors are mostly restricted to legality and easy of keeping something away from prying eyes. There is one tangible benefit: you can more easily avoid pestilence, disease and insects indoors.

Other than that there is no lighting system that will keep up with the sun. Stop spewing this trash.

What? HPS and MH are great. You can’t beat the price. LEDs just are not cost efficient, especially if you want the same true wattage as an HPS/MH light. You don’t see professional level grows using LEDs either.


Is growing weed legal where you live?

I have been growing for almost 12 years and have been employed as a Master Grower for the past 4. What you spew is COMPLETE bullshit. The reasons you listed are some of exactly why indoor is better. You can get more lumens per sf indoor than you can outdoor in the sun. Plus an indoor grow isn’t dependent on the weather. Sit down and stfu.

I'll take CMH grown indoor over some unwashed outdoor crap any day.

>Thinking your unverifiable claimed experience means anything

It doesn't by the way. There is NO lighting system that can keep up with the sun. Zero. Zilch. Nada.
You must be from the north or something where the sun is weak most of the year in which case you pretty much depend on indoor setups.

If you live where the sun is strong for most or all of the year there is NO LIGHTING SYSTEM THAT CAN KEEP UP WITH THE SUN.

Thanks for trying "master grower" lmao

Most people would! The taste of outdoor is garbage compared to what is produced indoor.

You'll take what you buy at the dispensary without having any real idea where it came from and you'll love it you utter faggot

you are not a connoisseur of weed. a connoisseur of cock maybe

See this is where I know you are 100% full of shit

The main deterministic factor of flavor is strain and whether or not the weed was dried and cured properly. Light has nothing to do with it

quit fucking larping faggot

I live in Colorado, dipshit. Plenty of sunshine. Why are the majority of professional grows here done indoor? Because the quality is far superior. You may be able to get quantity outside, but big deal. Yes, you absolutely can match the sun and even surpass it with indoor lighting. Pull your head from your ass. I have participated in more indoor and outdoor grows than I can count. The success rate and quality of indoor ALWAYS surpasses outdoor. The only reason you want to spew this shit is because you have a plant outdoor

So you live where it's too cold most of the year to grow outdoors and thus have very limited experience growing outdoors?

Thanks for playing dipshit!

Um, not the user you are arguing with but indoor buds > outdoor buds.

How difficult would it be for me to grow one plant in a pot for personal use? Will I really need special heating equipment and all that shit just for one small plant? I've been thinking about going for it but I don't really no what I'd need.

I do an outdoor grow every year ya dumb cunt. The indoor shit always tastes better, even after slow curing the shit in glass jars in the fridge. Just sit down and stfu already.

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I mean you can believe what you want but it is factually inaccurate
the main determining factor in THC production is not actually tied to light, but if you had decades of experience growing cannabis you might know that
HINT: It has more to do with temperatures

implying I'd pay for weed when it's so easy to grow.

I mean again that's cool and all, but your anecdotal bullshit means nothing in the face of facts.
Weed raised carefully outdoors produces bigger more potent buds because it produces bigger more potent plants. This is again because there is no light source a human being can currently provide that can keep up with the sun.

Lmao you are one silly and stupid motherfucker. Colorado has a great climate for growing and over 300 days of sunshine annually. You are just spewing shit for the sake of talking shit.

>implying you aren't a larping faggot

So if it's not about the light and it's about temps and indoor you could easily regulate the desired temp and outdoor you cant, then how is outdoor better again?

Exactly, this dumbass is just spewing terms he read on some online forum and has zero idea as to wtf he is actually saying.

Because you don't have to pay for it while getting similar or better results you ignorant faggot

The sun is free and is better than any lighting option you could provide your girls.

How long will that last?

Lmao! You have never grown outdoor! The pots are not free. The water is not free. The pest control is not free. KYS and gtfo.

Oh thanks for ignoring the whole temp question I'm asking

god damn thats a thicc flush! what's your method? I never got this with brf..

Thanks for the tips man, all the best with your babies.

Holy shit LMAO
No dude, I've been growing outdoors for close to five years. I grew indoors prior to that.

When I started growing outdoors I had the same beliefs as you ignorant fucks but it was mostly because I was afraid of change.
It started out with me splitting it like 10%/90% but I quickly noticed I was getting far more weight and not losing any potency with the outdoor grow compared to the indoor. The weed tasted the same. People trying to suggest that indoor vs outdoor affects the flavor profile of a strain are the ones who have no idea what they are talking about. It doesn't.

I've stated previously the only benefits to indoor growing are privacy and climate control, but you're trading off the free and very powerful light of the sun for it. If you live somewhere where you can grow weed outside year round because conditions are favorable, you absolutely should because there is no appreciable difference in quality, only yield. The plants easily grow into monsters and if you're smart and did an earth grow using prepared super soil, they barely need to be fed.

The reason temperature affects THC production is pretty simple; the closer to winter the plant feels it is coming, the closer it comes to death. It focuses ALL of its attention on its buds at this point, ceasing all other growth. This is dependent on temperature, not light. That said, extended photoperiods can put the plant back into veg despite temperatures.

I use whole cleaned oats that I case in vermiculite. I use those aluminum cake pans and I have a pretty large Martha Chamber setup.
Where’s that fag that wants o argue about indoor vs outdoor growing. Next he will want to tell me how wild mushrooms are superior to cultivated ones. Fucking twat.

More weight because of thicker stems due having to deal with weather?

Soo...he was behind all that...

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No more weight from bigger buds and a higher quantity of them. They easily produce 3-6x the amount my indoor plants ever did. We're talking about a lb to lb 1/2 per plant.

Lol temperature has NOTHING to do with plants “knowing winter is coming”. Holy shit. It has everything to do with photoperiod and the length of days. When plants get cold, photosynthesis slows, so how in the fuck are they putting “more” energy into flower production? The other flaw with your argument is that when females reach full maturity and have not been pollinated, they will begin to grow male flowers in a last ditch effort to preserve genetics, they DO NOT increase THC production. THC production is dependent upon the amount of potassium, phosphorus, and sugars that your plants receive. Fucking kill yourself faggot.

Jump off a tall building you absolute waste of lungs.

Yeah and with this you prove you have no idea what you're talking about and probably don't and have never grown weed
It's a known and effective trick to water with ice water to ramp up THC production in the last few waterings before harvest specifically because the icy temperatures trick the plant

You can fuck off now lmao

That’s a fucking myth you twat! People water before harvest to plump up the flowers and the trichomes. Again, kill yourself.

I find it hard to believe you grow went up 300-600% solely cause you moved your plant outside. You have to be. Doing something wrong or using weak plants. If temps are so critical again, indoor should win because you can control the temp exactly. Plus it keeps your plants safer

Wattage and type of lights?
Do you vary the spectrum any for different growth stages or just fuck it and keep the same ratio all year round?

No, it's not. Thanks for playing.

Why would it be hard to believe? Are you mentally retarded?
Why is it so hard for you people to grasp the idea that no fucking light set up can compare to the output of the sun?

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ITT: Dudes almost come to blows talking about horticulture

is it true that there was once an America where plant fabricated grown prosthetics could be implanted in place of a liver or pancreas?

Your plants aren't evidence that it's a myth
(because it's not)
It is proof that you're fucking insecure and can't handle new knowledge

>kill yourself

kek imagine getting this mad about being fucking wrong

Nah, I get upset when obviously less experienced twats want to push information like it’s fact, when really it’s just their retarded opinion. Keep doing you. Don’t lead others down your shit covered path though.

Well first its because you provide no evidence other than anecdotal evidence. Also because your claim of increased yields just seem ridiculous. I get that lights are perfect but 300-600% increase in yields, yes ok kid, are you sure you werent using regular light bulbs

>insecurity: the post

you're the one who has less experience if you honestly can't figure out that the sun can't be competed with in terms of light and more light = taller, bushier plants
taller, bushier plants = more colas

not exactly rocket science but I'm pretty sure you're just some low level employee larping as a master grower anyway so it's not like it matters

*arent perfect

And my plants are to show that I have experience and do, in fact, grow. Where are yours?

As opposed to you or the other guy posting pics of plants?
I don't exactly need to find evidence that the sun is more powerful than a lightbulb, bud.

You must not understand the concept of lumens per square foot. You can absolutely surpass the amount of light produced by the sun. Give it a try, twat.

Plants dont need to be tall to make more buds and you want more colas? top you plants a few times. Problem solved

Yeah but your experience doesn't make you a master, you don't know everything and when you come in here harping about how "indoor growing produces tastier buds with more THC" it honestly makes me think you are just some new hire at a grow op larping on Sup Forums because what YOU say does not match reality.

If you are going to go full retard butthurt at other peoples methods then maybe you should. Especially with anecdotal evidence

yeah not without stressing your girls
wanna keep spewing trash? There is no lighting set up that can compete with or compare to the sun.

Let it soak in.

lmao more plant area means more area to grow colas dude this is not difficult

My job title and experience do make me a Master. I wouldn’t be in charge of operations of multi million dollar grow if I was spewing bullshit. You aren’t even involved in this industry. The sum total of your experience comes from reading forums and planting a bag seed or two.

also imagine if you were topping/fimming an outdoor grow, yes it does equal a higher yield and it played a part in my 6x figure, w/o any sort of cropping you're still looking at a 3/4x yield