Doll thread ok?

doll thread ok?
show your lady.
no nudes thx

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>doll thread ok?

>show your lady.
I'll drop a photoset before I go to work, I guess.

>no nudes thx
Tough shit.

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Real quick , how those dolls work , I thought that their just some rubber shaped like a body .


cute girl!

they have a steel skeleton, and are fully posable, just as flexible as a real girl

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finally a doll thread!

Still waiting for mine.

She is lovely.

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can her mouth be opened or is it sculpted on?

lovely panties and socks. what size does she wear, and where did you get those panties?

I'm ridiculously late so no details but

Her mouth is a usable orifice with a lot of detail, but I made the mistake of getting the "gloss coating" option that turned her lipstick into a razorsharp mess of plastic that cracked and split all over the place when I stretched it even once. Don't want to stick my dick in there til I get it off, then I'll reapply it the normal way...

I got both of those from aliexpress super cheap. She wears an American S / Asian M for bottoms. XS / S for tops, though, as her upper body is a lot slimmer.

sounds way too large for my girls, even asian xxs is too largs sometimes. but thanks for the heads up

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owning a doll is the most pathetic thing you can possibly do in life. a loser masturbating at home is only one tenth as depressing as a loser masturbating with a sex doll.

living together with a doll is only 10% about the sex, maybe less. the rest is cuddles, just spending time together, and of course dressing, posing and taking photos. it's actually a really relaxing and calming hobby

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that's like your opinion, man.
it's mostly just a sex toy.
for some it's a way to defeat loneliness.
for others a non-harmful way to live out their otherwise illegal and despicable urges.

dolls spend comfort and relief, ensuring that people who suffer from dramatic levels of stress or perversion do not vent these on life people. improves their living conditions and emotional state, while making their environment safer for others, and the best part is that they pay for it themselves and therefore create and ensure workplaces.

Yes, you might find it weird, hilarious, disgusting, laughable, dirty or pathetic, but at the end of the day, it's adult people doing stuff that does not impact you in the slightest behind closed doors.
So your emotional reaction is truly irrelevant.

go to jail

Maybe dress her as Android 18 for maximum sex?

I was thinking the same thing

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It could be argued that the use of a doll may only escalate ones desires, eventually leading to acting out on real people or children. I guess we will see how this unfolds. Personally, I don’t get it. But whatever floats perverted boats I suppose.

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So, in all seriousness, what is it about these that you guys like? What is the appeal? Why not just fuck an escort once a week or something? Why fuck a molded piece of plastic and rubber? How does it even compare to the real thing?

you don't defeat loneliness by buying a fucking sex doll. the only way to be more lonely than being completely alone is by being completely alone WITH A SEX DOLL

smart ass stop talking. Your head is biasd af. You have no idea at all and still talk. Go gas yourself

I just want to be left alone.

ignore him

I agree with you, from what i hear it cant compare to a real woman, its cold when you first stuck your dick in it and because its not alive you need to do 100% of the work.

These are honestly just a waste of money they are as good as fleshlights but those dont cost thousands of dollars

You're pathetic. Stop isolating yourself and devolving into a shut-in loser troglodyte. Go outside, interact with people, help the downtrodden, work hard to uplift the needy. Stop being a selfish loser who only thinks about his own wants and needs.

Go outside and see subhumans like you?
no thanks. Ignorance p of shit

lol, ordinary people living their lives, working hard, raising families, performing charity, these aren't subhumans, the subhumans are you shut in fags who think everyone else is inferior based on nothing but your own inflated ego

These doll threads are becoming my favorites on /b, Really look forward to them and keep posting.

Says you. Forcing your opinion on people, thinking you're the shit. Fuck off, asshole.

I'm not hot shit or anything, but at least I'm not a dollfucking loser incel creep

you fuck into aids vagina's? enjoy gilf action.

Imagine wasting money on a plastic fuck toy when you can use your hand for free.

Then imagine being a creepy faggot and making doll threads for all weirdos to gather around and jack it to inanimate objects.

Imaging what your family would do if they found out this creepy shit, think they'd throw their arms around you and cry in support? Why don't you show em?

Because it's creepy and weird and any sane girl would RUN if they saw a fucking doll in your house/room.

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Dubs of autism.

Learn to speak you fucking Indian.

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This fagt having so little skill with women and being so controlled by sexual desire that they invest in a fucking doll

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it's been almost 2 weeks now since i ordered my dolly
still no factory photos
i'm losing hope of having her before christmas

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after fucking your mom we deserve something with more life.

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Will be unlikely you will get it before XMAS due to the clusterfuck of the post office alone.

gotta love virtue signaling from faggots who chill on Sup Forums, call people fags, subhumans, and then still complaining about others supposedly pretending to be superior...

besides being a degenerate like the rest of us, you should really get all that cognitive dissonance out of your system, troglodyte.