What does sucking dick feel like?

What does sucking dick feel like?
I’m male but I want to meet up with some fag and try it.

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It's sugoi desu-ne?! I'd let you suck my dick.

Lol is it big?
I’m straight and I’m not attracted to men and would never have sex with one, I just really like the idea of sucking dick

No, I'm rather more on the small side so you could deep throat me no problem if you wanted to. I'm 5.5 inches.

Feels like filling your mouth with a firm fleshy stick. Haven't sucked a dick in over 20 years and have been craving it lately.

I just want to feed my cum to someone. I don't care who it is.

I don't know why some women are so disgusted by cum. If you just swallow as it fills your mouth, you never even taste it. And cum doesn't really taste that bad anyway.

Show me your dick. I'll tell you if I would suck it or not.

I'm too lazy to take a picture right now. I do have a video on my camera of me jerking off sitting on the toilet from a few months back though.

It's been a long time since my cum has been gulped down. It makes me sad. I haven't had luck with women wanting to swallow.

Just suck your own dick.

Same here. Had some spitters, but I'm always left unsatisfied because they seem to always pull away before I'm done cumming. Like, seriously, it's already in your mouth, just swallow it. No need to make a mess.

Honestly, I'm pretty much done with American women. It would be more of a "straight" option to fuck feminine men at this point. I wish I could leave this stupid country and find some real women because they sure as hell aren't here anymore.

Tried it once with an older guy (who unfortunately couldn't get hard properly).
When it's soft, it's got this very weird feeling to it which I at first hated but then (and now when I crave a cock to suck) it gets very cute and great.
Hard cock, his wasn't all that huge but not small either, is fun to play with to be honest. Wish I was less shy and nervous then so I could play with it more.
Overall it's a lot of fun and getting your mouth creampied is fun as well.

He ate my ass, too ,which however was rather underwhelming as I didn't feel almost anything. Shame.

You need to be pretty gay to suck a dick.

>with some other fag

Actually this is a very stupid comment.

Dubs versus dubs, the battle of century.
The question remains unanswered:
Is it gay to suck a dick?
We will probably never know.

How many different loads have you had? Try tasting cum when the guys been drinking pineapple juice all day compared to a guy that's been drinking whisky all night. I promise you there is a difference

In a alternate universe it's considered out of the norm to bed with the opposite sex

I can let you suck mine if you want to, also, rate me

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